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Who Am I ?

Who Am I?

I am a bit of everyone who crossed my path,
I am a trace of each who traversed my mind,
I am a mark of all those who touched my heart,
I am a streak from tracks where my life has jogged,
I am a speck of stain from those who bruised my effigy,
I am even a bitsy dent from those who jolted my mettle,
Altogether, I am a flavor of all the sweet n bitter I’ve savored.
Nevertheless, I’m a grain that stays put in life’s harshest storms.


A video I found while searching for a pic for the above words ‘Who Am I ?’

Irresistibly captivating. Simple yet so meaningful.

Comments on: "Who Am I ?" (1)

  1. Wow, what a conceptual and beautiful video. It immediately draws you into the question…who am I and takes you on a journey of discovery. I saw moments in my life portrayed throughout the video.

    Thanks Ilmanafasih

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