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High hopes, Some hope, Hopelessness

“It shall pass.”
“Dawn shall break.”
“Light shall shine.”

Hearts sang songs
Minds saw dreams
Hopes stood tall.

It hasn’t yet passed.
Dawns hasn’t yet arrived.
Light hasn’t yet shone.

Hearts are silent.
Minds have shrunk.
Hopes’ backs are bent.

Will it ever pass?
Will dawn ever break ?
Will light ever shine?

Hearts shall stop.
Minds shall fail.
Hopes shall rest in graves.

Generation after generation
Has passed in this cycle of–
High hopes, some hope, hopelessness.

How I still wish:
It would pass.
Dawn would break.
Light would shine

Penned to echo the feelings of 180 million Pakistanis living in ‘hope’ for the last 6 decades and over. The streak of hope still sparks off and on amid hopelessness.

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