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Time Stops for None

Yesterday, today, tommorrow
Days, hours, minutes pass
Slipping through life’s clock
To unite with eternity, alas!

Hear the footsteps of past
Fading away slowly
Tomorrow comes there
Marching up steadily

Can we stop today?
And not let it pass.
Oh! it wouldnt listen
It never will, nor ever has.

Fighting back with the fate
Or resigning to being a prey
We’ve got to make the most
Of what life offers today.

Making the journey
Running the race
Fulfilling the goal
With dignity n grace

Jumping the hurdles
With a welcome smile
Fiddling with mischief
Once in a while

Lightening the burden
Of hardships n strife
Making bitter, taste sweet
In this obnoxious life.

Moments from yesterday
Are today’s cherished memories
Tomorrows harsh realities
Are todays endless worries

While embracing the time
Rush! Nail the tasks undone.
As time’s a flying bird
That stops for none.


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