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The Flawless Purse: Dilemma of Consumerism

In style she clutched a glossy purse,
Tight between her hand and her chest,
Protecting it from falling or
From being scratched,
From the pointed necklace
Around her own neck.
She had saved for years,
And dreamed of even longer
To own this branded gem.
She holds on to it firm,
Yet all tender, all protective,
Like a beautiful relationship,
Between two souls,
Knowing how hurt,
The purse can get,
When there are bruises
And that the purse
shall never be the same,
if held back after it falls.
So precious, and so priceless,
She finally owns a flawless dream.
But oh for the flawed souls,
They come and go in our lives.



Small pleasures are big pleasures…

I can’t stop any war,
But I can brake my car,
In the middle of a busy road,
To let an immigrant woman,
Overloaded with grocery bags,
Unable to replace her slipped hood,
In the windchill of minus twenty,
To rush to reach the bus stop across,
As the bus stands on the red light nearby.
Cars haulted behind honk horns helplessly,
As if the world has stopped.
While the woman safely sails across,
Happy to stand at the stop looking at the bus,
That will now arrive any minute,
And stop for her to board.
I drive away victorious…

City jungle

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