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Archive for June 23, 2011

A Trek

Ever since
Borne off the rib,
Road’s been uphill.
Laden with boulders,
Of hardships, hurdles,
And umpteen struggles

Track slippery and steep,
From cradle to grave.
Crawling narrow lanes,
Of Adam’s psyche.
Jostling upon her,
The backpack of duties.

Taking twists and turns,
Thro’ dark dogmatic alleys,
Braving blizzards of biases’
Dodging dissecting stares
With resolve steady as rock
And mind tough as steel.

A heart warm as fleece,
Entwined in agony and love,
Walks the tight rope,
Miles after miles.
How far more ?

Passing the baton of destiny
From Mom to daughter to…
Will it go on?

Behind fog of prejudice,
The summit remains unsighted.
Can she make it?
Before sunset?

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