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What if…
I lived
In a village remote
That no maps showed
And  no  roads led to
Where a house meant
Four walls, thatched roof
Where the shelves
Adorned a few utensils
Not books, papers or pencils.

What if…
I was raised
By hapless parents
In  fields they worked
As bonded labourers
In sweltering summers
Or foggy winters
I merrily went with
Mom to fetch water
From the far off well.
Dad and brothers
Collected the firewood
From the nearby jungle.

What if…
I grew up
As a street child
Footpath as my home
With a helpless  face,
Eyes knew no light
And discrepit attire
For a penny I asked
At street corners
Spreading out hand
Shoving a ‘help me’ card
Unto the passers by.

What if…
I was born
To a dad who
Cribbed to hear
‘It is a girl’
Cared for me less
Loved my brothers more
Stopped me from school
And didn’t let me go out to play
Where I continually heard
“… because you are a girl.”

What if…
I was married
To an  chauvinist ‘man’
Who’s ego topped the list
His opinions dominated
And left me suffocated
Where all that was ’right ‘
Was what his eyes would see
And his self focussed sight
Would not let me be ME.

Why was I born, brought up
And still live the way I do?
Why do I have, in my life
Such awesome people too?
Why did  the ‘mother luck’
Bestow these blessings, all through?

I certainly, know not why.
As tears from my eyes roll by.
But all that I can say is:

3 January 2009


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