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Silence Speaks

Silence ain’t silent
It whispers
It screams
Louder than words.
Fills up the space
Faster than noise
Reaches the ears
Quicker than voice

Silence is speech,
Silence is argument,
Silence is wisdom,
Silence is courage,

Silence thrills
It even kills
Those who dare
To choose to hear
The loud shreaks
When silence speaks.

I keep mum
When I scream
My tongue wags
But I fail to speak.
Whispers, screams
Cause but noise

What really speaks
A million words
Is the speech
Of the silence.

P.S. When it comes to the greater good of mankind–ALWAYS SPEAK AS LOUD AS YOU CAN.
When it comes to personal matters–Speak through silence as no one needs to hear you but YOU.


Comments on: "Silence Speaks" (5)

  1. thoughtswhilesleepwalking said:

    I was able to finally log in! I’m saving this forever and you need to publish it. A friend of mine, Dorothy, she told me this, odd as it sounds, its true: She said, Sue (I were once having difficulty with a person who was harassing me) she said do what the devil would never do to another, leave them alone. Wow. Think about that.

  2. thoughtswhilesleepwalking said:

    No I am not ahahah I am subscribed it comes to my email *stalker! ahahaha you want me to be your stalker? You know I never stay silent.

  3. I like the poem and your p.s.. They speaks volumes of silence 🙂


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