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Yet another progressive Arab country bounces back to restore back it’s lost glory.

Indeed, none other than Egypt and the way it is adjacent to Tunisia, it looks like a domino effect has started not just in the metaphorical but the literal sense.
But to say that Egypt bounces back because of a common border with the Tunisia would a shameful underestimation of Egypt’s potential.

Along with Tunisia, it is one of the few Arab countires with a strong, ancient history and a history of cultural and liberal values far detached from the religious tag . Yes,  Egypt probabaly would stand even ahead of Tunisia  in that respect.
The situatuion gives me jitters and also butterflies in the stomach.  Not because I have this appetite for international politics but because I have a special attachment to Egypt.

After India, Egypt has been living in my life, even more than Pakistan. Strangely though I have never lived in Egypt except for two visits for a fortnight each.

I woke up to this world with a name given to me by my Dad after being inspired by Egyptian names. His special love for Egypt was still fresh and alive in him when I was born. Just a couple of years ago had he returned from Egypt, after earning a PhD in Egyptian Liberal Nationalism and with Jamal Abdul Nasser his hero.

I grew up hearing his stories about Jamal Abdul Nasser, Egypt ‘s rich culture, their progressive intelligentsia,  their sense of humour,  the plays and most of all their music which was represented by none other than Umm Kulthum.

My dad who went to Egypt in the early sixties for a Phd, had gone there as a son of a maulvi (though he had been a rebellious communist too, in his early student life), but returned back some years later as a very progressive man with a wide horizon. He was in love with this place till the last moment of his life.

However when he returned to Egypt once again, in late eighties two things disappointed him terribly. He did get connected with all his old friends some of whom had gone ‘BIG’ in Egypt by then, one of them being the ex Secretay General of UN Boutros Boutros Ghali and Amr Moussa,  the foreign Minister then. They all gathered together bringing back the youthful memories.  Despite the 60’s era, he used  to tell us that, he had a couple of girls too in his group of friends who hung around  in the university together.

One of the two things that had disappointed him was the rise of Radicalism and that there were so many women now sporting Hijab and Niqab in the Cairo University. Though in the early sixties they could hardly see any.

And the second , which was no less disappointing to him, was that one of his extremely petite and pretty girl friends from the old group at that time, who was now the Head of the Political Science Department in the University, had gone at least four times as fat. They all joked about her and she too joined the hearty laugh without getting offended.

He was a very hurt man.

Egyptians have a terrific sense of humour, and if they don’t have any joke on politics, they laugh on themselves. But they make it a point to crack one joke a day –calling it a NUKTA. If anything it was their sense of humour my Dad carried back along with him on his return.

Anyhow coming to the point I wish to tell here that women have alwasy been very liberated and strong in Egypt since long. Not just in the few centuries but in the ancient Egypt 3000 years ago, too.       The woman, in the pharoanic times some 2000-3000 years ago, was far more liberated than many women in the current world in 2011.

While most women, in the ancient Egypt, played traditional roles of wife and homemaker, they had many liberties and freedoms that were denied to women of other cultures in the ancient world. Married women were the complete governors of their household, husband seldom interfered in the domestic matters. Though they did all the domestic chores themselves.
Legally too they were equal to men in terms of rights and could take a loan of her own, ask for divorce, buy property in her name and even free slaves at her will. She was given third of her husband’s property on his demise. And could even remarry without any stigma. Divorce was not seen as stigma either.

There are records of women holding positions of  Ministers to Pharoahs.  Out of many, one most important name is Queen Hatshepsut :18th dynasty1473-1458 BC . She ruled in the early part of the ‘golden age of Egypt’ which includes other Pharoahs like Tutankhamoun, Nefertiti , Akhenton.

Needless to mention Queen Cleopatra and her stories of power not only on her Kingdom but also her control on her sweetheart–Mark Antonius was also an Egyptian Queen. Narrating about their story would need several blogs.

Women in ancient Egypt, rightly or wrongly, took great pains to ensure their physical attractiveness and even women among the poorer classes relied heavily on cosmetics and lotions to retain their youth and beauty.

After all this glory of women did spill over in the contemporary world too. Although the impact of religion did lead to segregation in schools. veiling etc.  And with rise of Radicalism in the eighties it has gone worse.

I am not an expert on religion but have been told by my Egyptian friends that The MALKI SCHOOL which the Egyptian Muslims follow is pretty liberal. And they are far more progressive towards giving rights to women.The 1956 Constitution of Egypt was one of the most liberal on women’s right among the Arab and the Muslim World.

To be continued in next blog…..

Pardon me–got to leave.

Ilmana Fasih.



Since time immemorial we are known for our spices. The westerners – the Portuguese, the French, the British all came to Indian subcontinent not for the intentions to rule us , but on a look out  for spices. India at that time was known as  the ‘spice heaven’ of the world..

And till now, we have maintained out appetite for spicy food. A little less masala in the Biryani and we complain it wasn’t delicious. Infact, we refuse to eat it.
Same is the case with our appetite for Masala news. WE LOVE SPICY NEWS , RELISH IT,  CHEW IT LONG IN OUR MOUTHS,  AND EVEN REGURGITATE IT with blogs after blogs. But any boring bland news we just swallow it like my son does to the tasteless vegetables.

Human rights group called HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, based in New York, way back in 1999 published a report that Pakistani women, 90% of them, are subjected to verbal, sexual, emotional, or physical abuse in their very homes. I remember seeing the news in various newspapers. But am sure it just went unnoticed–one,  that not many have the habit to read, two, it didnt come as a dramatic news on the TV tagged with a celebrity announcing it.

Yes we are a nation who  loves  to watch TV too and we love dramas the most.

When our dramas became boring with loaded intellect of Sania, Marina, Samina like dull boring women, we switched to watching STARPLUS from India–because they are more spicy.


So right was  Mehr Bukhari on a TV show just a day ago that,  “We are intellectually bankrupt, and hence we want media or the starlets to take the lead in reformation of the society.”

How many of us remember the name of a faceless girl Amina on whom acid was thrown on her face by her husband in Karachi a couple of years ago and YES she too protested a great deal and came in the media and was evenhighlighted by I A REHMAN, the director of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

But why should we?

Neither she was a starlet wearing sphagetti sleeves in front of a Mullah nor was IA Rehman a macho.

How many of us even can recognise the picture of Dr Shazia Khalid who was gang raped in Balochistan and that triggered the war between Pak army and Baloch tribes. Not a small issue.
Why the hell should we–she was not at all a Bigboss enterant. And she did protest too,  that too against the rapists, who we know who they are ,and then left to USA out of frustration and her safety. How many blogs came out on her–there were but not as many, I can bet.
But she never became the champion of the raped girls or symbol of oppression..

Yes Mukhtara Mai did become one. I am glad and I laud all of us for making her so- the media, the bloggers, the FB friends. We all made her the ‘hero’.  Not she herself. Exceptions are always there.

A  schoolgirl,  Kainat Soomro was gang raped at the age of 13. Four years later, today, she is still fighting for justice.
“Kainat Soomro should have stayed silent. After being battered and gang raped for four days her traditional, conservative village in rural Pakistan expected the 13-year-old girl to keep her story to herself. She refused.”

Writes Robin Crilly,   from Daily Telegraph on just 26 December, 2010. How many of us cross posted after reading it.  And this includes me too. I do not absolve myself from this indifference.

This is what a 13 year old Kainat said,
“This is what happens in Pakistan. Poor women have no chance. These men set the rules and think they know how to deal with these issues. They don’t.”
But who noticed?  Who called her a Warrior Princess? Who claimed that Kaanat is ‘me’?

And then just yesterday the DAWN blog by Shyma  highlighting the killing of a faceless SAIMA etc and addressing to the frenzy of the bloggers to ‘hot’ stuff.

And I waited for 24 hours with impatience to see how many of my FB friends, who went and crossposted Veena , went gaga over her courage and valour, will crosspost this. Not even ONE did. Yes not even ONE.

Who are we  kidding guys?

I can go endlessly with such cases who are loaded  with serious issues and serious struggles. But the point is again we are a masala loving nation. And we want masala, the hotter the better.

I was wondering for the last 24 hours as to what is wrong with my brain, my thinking. Did God assemble it wrong order when doing so. Why do I think ‘wierd’ from others, when all of us agree to one thing that this is extremism, bigotry, moral policing is wrong.

I too think Veena being moral policed is wrong but then why am I not being a veena wannabe.
Is it because I am old or I am jealous of her beauty. May be, subconciously.

I even love hot food. But why not hot news then?

Then suddenly I get a flash in my head in the middle of a very important presentation that I was doing for an international organisation begging them to pay their attention to the Maternal Mortality in Pakistan too, not just India or Bangladesh.

And then the reality flashed probably because I donot ever ever switch on to the never ending soaps that run on STAR PLUS. I am so feeble minded that I cant recall even one name.

To what extent am I blind will be obvious from this incident- when I ran into a ‘huge’ startlet who was a VIP for a fundraiser we had worked for–I just didnt place her and offered her a seat in the audience much to the offence of the organisers as well she herself.

Yes I donot watch Indian STARPLUS and that is my anomaly. I get it now to the peace of my mind. Hence,  I dont get the greatness in the two minutes screaming of a STARPLUS  heroine to a two minute moral policing for her.

But I love ‘hot’ food , please.

Ilmana Fasih



This excerpt is taken from an article ”
EMERGING WOMAN HAS A LOFTY AND KNOWLEDGE BASED PRIDE – Dr. A.P.J. Kalam” on four Indian Women Scientist published in India Current Affairs on September 3, 2010.

Madam Curie was a co-worker of Henri Becquerel during research, who discovered the properties of the element uranium. Curie came to know about those properties and set about investigating the effect, which she named “radio-activity” for her Doctorate research.

Madam Curie’s life has full of challenges. She was not afraid of the problems, she defeated the problem and succeeded. This experience of Madam Curie will definitely be an inspiration for all students of the present and future generations.

Marie Curie checked many other elements to determine whether they too were radioactive. She found one, thorium, and also came across a source of radiation in a mixture called “pitch-blend,” which was much more powerful than either thorium or uranium.

Working together, it took Marie and her husband Pierre four years to isolate the radioactive source in the pitch-blend. Madam Curie used to carry large quantity of pitch-blend on her head for extracting few grams of material in the laboratory which needed tons of ‘pitch-blend’. That few grams of the material was her discovery. Marie named it as radium. For the discovery of radium, Marie and Pierre won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, which they shared with their friend A Henri Becquerel. Shortly, Marie found that what she had discovered was not pure radium, but she was able to isolate the element itself after quite a struggle. For this work, she was given the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911.

During her work, Marie discovered radiation could kill human cells. She reasoned that if it could kill healthy human cells, it could kill diseased human cells also and went about isolating radium for use in killing tumors.

In 1906 Pierre Curie was offered the position of director of the Physics Laboratory at the Sorbonne. Before he could take the position, however, he was run over by a carriage and killed. After her husband died, Marie was offered and took the position, the first woman to become director of a research laboratory. In our country time has come for talented women scientists to take up the position of directors of major scientific laboratories.

During the first World War, Marie Curie went to work for the French designing and building X-ray machines. Knowing that moving soldiers to a hospital before they needed surgery was not always possible, she designed the first mobile X-ray machine and traveled with it along the front lines during the war.

On July 4, 1934, Marie Curie died in Paris, killed by her own experiments. She died of radiation poisoning and may have been the first person to do so. Marie Curie had brought herself up from poverty, struggling to get her education and succeeding brilliantly. The work she did, she did with patience, often getting results only after years of careful experimentation, while struggling for money to support her work. For her struggles, she received two Nobel Prizes – the first woman to win even one. Through the knowledge she gained, thousands of lives have been saved. The courage and perseverance shown by Madame Curie in her pursuit of scientific mission and achieving successes are indeed remarkable and stimulating.




Speaking in a forum of front-line service providers and the community members

Good evening everybody,

Depression has been shown to be a risk factor for mortality during the 12 months following acute myocardial infestion and stroke.Research of good quality namely the metaanylyses of various studies confirms that acute myocardial infarction(heart attack) and strokeare often accompahied by depression and anxiety. This may be either during the attack and hence being a contributory factor to it, or following later during the recovery phase.

About 40% of the patients within 6 months of heart attack or stroke have depression and a lot ( stats not available) more have anxiety or anxious personality. In fact we know that most of the people who suffer from the two ailments have the Type A personality , which is itself associated with anxiety.

The depression may be clinical i.e. with obvious signs and symptoms, or sub-clinical i.e. the symptoms are not obvious and hence often get missed by the treating cardiologist or neurologist unless they maintain a high index of suspicion.
Depression among these two group of patients is associated with broad range of adverse outcomes including mortality , prolonged hospitalisation, worse health status and a repeat event of heart attack or stroke.

One interesting study showed that the younger women (<60 yrs) are the most vulnerable group to be depressed and they are more likely to be–dark skinned, with low household income, single status, less than University education and a smoker. They are also more likely to be having other co morbid conditions like Diabetes, obesity, raised Cholesterol, CCF. But they are unlikely to be on b-blockers.

Amongst the men they are likely to be Hypertensive, have had revascularization procedure and lower ejection fraction i.e. lower pumping ability of the heart.

23% of the patients discharged from the hospital post MI or Stroke treatment have clinical depression.
Out of those depressed only 27% ( 31% of women and 24% of men) had previous history of depression prior to the event. This implies that about 73% had the depression, triggerd by the event.
Unfortunately only 18% are discharged with a prescription medication for depression or referred for psychotherapy.
So it is important to clinically recognise depression in patients associated with MI or Stroke. Not only is depression an important illness in its own right, it confers 3-5 times higher risk of mortality within 6 months of the event. The mortality is high even in the absence of clinical diagnosis of major depression-with clear dose response relationship i.e.the more severe the depression, the more are the chances of dying in the next 6 months, and then also more chances of longer hospitalisation, worse symptomatology, psychological and social outcome in the next 3 and 12 months.
And patients with moderate to severe depressive symptoms require treatment and close followup with monitoring of their mood and compliance to the treatment

Aggressive screening of the patient for depression and anxiety at the time of admission, during hospital stay, at discharge and then followup with the Cardiologist or the Neurologist or the Family Physician.
About 25 % patients on treatment for depression after MI or Stroke do not respond to the medication and the depressive symptoms persist. Such patients need more stepped up care, even closer monitoring along with polytherapy and even Electroconvulsive therapy.

It is important for the post MI or Stroke patient to join a Cardiac or Stroke Rehabilitation Program. The programs with the help of the Rehab Team tailor the services to the patient.

You all can help find a rehab program for your clients in your community through Family Physicians, hospital where patient was treated, Public Health Department otr the local office of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Information about Cardiac/ Stroke Rehab is available at the HSFO website.

Take home message friends:

1. There is high ( 40%) incident of depression in post MI/Stroke patients
2 .Keep high index of suspicion to identify the depressed patients.
3. Its a viscious cirlce with MI/Stoke and Depression exacerbating each other.
4. Most vulnerable group ios the women below 60 yrs of age.
5. Timely diagnosis, treatment and foillowup can improve the physical as wel as the mental outcome of the patient post MI/Stroke.

Thank You

Ilmana Fasih

Lead, South Asian Health Ambassador
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario | Finding answers. For life.
Tel: 905.451.0021 905.451.0021 | Cell: 416-629-1689 416-629-1689 e Fax: 905.452.0503 | Address: 201 County Court Blvd., Suite 306 , Brampton , Ontario , L6W 4


~ The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young. ~

by Iqra Quraishi on Wednesday, January 26, 2011
“Life is all about timing… the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable… attainable. Be alert and smart, It’s all about timing.”

“The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work.”

to Farhat phuppijan with love….

When did she start looking so old? We keep thinking of her being the same person she was when we were young, but she is not. That’s when it hit us that we might have to show concern to her, like she once has taken care of us. No one wants to get older or sick where they can’t take care of themselves, but sometimes in life that will happen. When we realize that has happen to someone special to us, it’s time to stop and show our concern n care.

Watching a special family member turns older or becoming ill is one of the hardest things we have to go through. In our eyes we always want to see our elders, young, active and alert, unfortunately that won’t happen. As time go on they will get older or sick with something and need us more than ever. As we get older, we start realizing they are getting older and they are coming to a place in their life that more and more each day they will need us. Once we realize this, this is the time to start preparing ourselves to take care of that someone for as long as we possibly can. That’s the one thing all of us want to do is to provide a caring attitude for the person we love, when they can’t provide for themselves. Taking care of them will make us feel good and if we have children, it will be a good example for them. Who knows, one day they just might have to take care of us.

Right now she just needs you as a caregiver who can provide her with just a little concern. As she moves into her older years, she is now struggling to attend the basic needs of life. You can be the one who can provide all that to her by giving the regard and love. Small things like a phone call or a visit will do a lot of good.

Whether you can provide the factor known as “the quality of love” is a question. These special elderly persons gave a lot to us making our childhood nostalgic and really memorable. We had our times of joy, happiness, fun and laughter being part of a big family.

By repaying the love and the fun times to our elderly members, there is a real value attached to it. These can rejuvenate her and can keep her health at bay. It is therapeutic and can help her relive her old age.

Be more anomalous, I yearn

In this world so chaotic
So intolerant, so fanatic
To opinions divergent
To expressions deviant
That my mind churns
And into words it turns
Makes many a eyes burn
And some big heads turn
But, all for my tenacity
I budge not from veracity
As more rendition I learn
Be more anomalous, I yearn


Not just our country Pakistan but the whole muslim population is polarised between radicals and the liberals. Between the blacks ( radicals) and the whites ( we the liberals) –sorry if I sound racist here–there lie various shades of grey who keep’ rolling’ between the two ends depending upon the tilt. We the whites and they the blacks, are colorfast. No matter how much bleach you may use the blacks wont fade and stay ‘stubbornly’ black. Similarly no matter how much stain the blacks pour on us the liberals, we stay ‘sparkling’ ( Sorry if I sound conceited here). The vulnerable( for blacks) or malleable ( for whites)  are the ‘rolling’ grey of all shades. They aren’t even sure what color they are–sometimes they see themselves dark grey some times just a tint. It is this ‘rolling’ grey shades which can be dyed through manipulation into either black or white . Whether the black or the white succeeds in pulling them towards it’s side is up to their skills and ability.

Enough of playing with black, white and grey, let me come to the point. The two ends of the polarised group are hard to budge, no matter what. It is the vast majority of our undecided minds ( who I really find hard to give a name so call them the ‘rolling’ grey)  which needs to be pulled towards our side.

Our mistake is we target the radicals and desperately want to them have a change of hearts. The heart transplantation or to put it straight the change in mindset is a lot more easy, thought still not so easy,  in the unstable unsure group who’s leanings keep going seesaw.

When situations like Salman Taseer’s ghastly murder or Benazir’s assassination arise, the emotions and passions that burst out are well understood and justified. And such situations do merit strong condemnation and reaction so that the black radicals don’t get away with the crime scot-free.

But unfortunately when the current situations of Veena Malik or any thing similar arises our passions go boom out of a proportion. Two minutes of her cry and screams and the statuses erupt and the tweeters start tweeting veena tunes. We start Mullah bashing. Glorify the lady in news who is neither liberal nor moderate but a pure opportunist struggling to stay in news.

Have we ever given a tickle to our grey matter as to who are we harming with this knee jerk reaction–our own cause, of course..


Every society has their value system. For instance if in Japan touching is considered a taboo, then we  do not go to Japan and hug them tight because we think that is right. We respect their cultural value and bow at right angle instead or giving them a jhappi or even shaking hands with them. And we see nothing wrong in this.

When we go in such  immature proVeena frenzy, beyond  proportions,  it is this undecided grey class who we lose. It is important to realise that we too, like in Japan,  live in a society which has certain value system,  rightly or wrongly.

We may not be on board with them  but their sentiments do get hurt when they realise that we are hitting hard on their values. Okay we needn’t appease the blasphemous values–even if many have  it. But yes if majority of the grey class thinks that hugging and smooching in public and whatever she did in the reality show does not comply to the common perception of decency, we can’t go on praising her for being brave. If she doesn’t deserve moral policing she does not deserve glorification either. I wonder but this is common sense to me. Or maybe because Japan is Japan the respect for culture holds up there, but when in Pakistan–‘culture ki aisi taisi’  attitude prevails like we have for every other ‘real’ issue.

It is then that this grey ‘rolling’ class finds us the liberals as threatening and deviated from the normal moral values. And they start seeing more sense at the other end. I realised this for the first time when I myself felt really disgusted with the way the lady was glorified from being a’ Warrior princess’ to a ‘symbol of oppression’ or ‘stunningly sexy’ to a ’embodiment of grace’. I found all the enlightenment gone dark then .

We accuse the radicals of exaggerating –yes they do but then we do no less. With the ‘fatwa factory’ rhetoric going all over I actually googled to look for where is the fatwa for her. But neither was there any real fatwa nor even the mention by the mullah of any fatwa during his firey discourse with the drama queen.

What is the purpose of our being a liberal intellectual –just to do mullah bashing? Okay then no need to even wait for Veena Malik incident–just stand in your balcony and shout four letter words on every bearded passerby. You will feel far more satiated. But if our purpose is to lure the undecided group lean towards us and bring a real transformation in the society’s  MINDSET then we need to act responsible, more rational and a lot less emotional.

Why was  it that the TTP or Fazlullah was able to gain ground in Swat,  because he  kept his hand on the pulse of the ‘greys’–they used to go door to door telling women that they too have property rights and hence easily getting at least 50% of the population on board.  Whether they stuck to their words is another story but their luring tactics was flawless. Similarly the radicals reap on the poverty and their plight by providing real solutions to them through financial aid or key to the Jannah. It is hard to recruit volunteers for door to door flier distribution and they recruit suicide bombers. We need to look into their modus operandi to learn how to succeed.

Compare this to the leftist ideology. There can be nothing more people friendly than Socialism but the moment they talk of religion being the ‘ opium’  the mediocre mind backs out.  Abandoning God is the last thing even a half believer would want. Well this is my calculated common sensible opinion. One may not agree.

And what do we do instead –just mock at the mullah or anyone who follows them. Have you ever seen anyone being your well-wisher if you mock at him. Just give it a try.

If Veena was to be labelled warrior princess then why was Taseer till now not been beatified into a Saint ?
He stood defending a cause which was not his and he needed no publicity stunt to boost his ratings. Does it make same sense as it does to me?

We call ourselves intellectuals–should we also not use our top floor to sense the pulse of the public in order to win them over. Let this be for the tactic sake,  if not for principle.

My personal opinion is that we should reserve our extreme reactions to ‘real issues’ and not  ‘non issues’.

By being unduly emotional on trivial issues like the Veena stint and using rhetoric like ‘fatwas’ when there was no fatwa and ‘ warrior princess’ when she was just doing her publicity stunt, we lose the few of genuine sympathisers who we were able to gain after Taseer’s death or Aasia’s blasphemy verdict or after the Ahmedi blasts. I too lost myself on this incident.

I was left wondering since past few days as to why is it that the fantastic titles the lady could gather in two minutes Asma Jehangir, Sherry Rehman, Beena Sarwar couldn’t  in so many years.  Again I think it is common sense, these are serious  women for whom  fighting  for against moral policing  is a ‘serious business’  and work steadily albeit slowly towards their cause and change of mindsets.   But those naive pens for whom liberal values are more of a fashion trend than conviction don’t get this.

Are we ready to open the windows of our enlightened mind to get some ventilation with fresh air ?


Sakal hans me ram viraje
Arre, Ram bina koi dham nahin
Sab bharmand mein jyot ka vasa
(Har ghat me hai, jyot ka vasa)
Ram ko sumiro ne duja nahin

Teen gun par tej hamara
Panch tatva par jyot jale
Jin ka ujala, chaudah lok me
Surat dor akaash chadhe

Nabhi kamal se parakh lena
Hriday kamal beech phire mani
Anhad baja, baje sheher mein
Bhramand par awaaz hui

Heera jo moti laal jawaharat
Prem padarath parkho yahin
Saancha moti sumar lena,
Ram dhani se mhari dor lagi

Guru jan hoye to heri lo ghat mein
Bahar sheher mein bhatko mati
Guru pratap Nanak sah ke varne,
Bhitar bole koi dujo nahin


In every swan, resplendent Lord resides.
There’s no abode without Him.
Everywhere in the universe
Lives the light.
Remember Him,
There’s no other.

Radiance in the three qualities,
Brilliance in the five elements.
One whose light shines
Through fourteen worlds
climbs to the sky by the string
of awareness.

In the navel lotus, feel the presence,
In the heart lotus a jewel turns,
In the city an untouched instrument plays,
The sound resounds through the universe.

Diamonds, rubies, pearls,
A pile of jewels: discover here
The wealth of love.
Discerning the pure gem – a string
Connects me to my master Lord

If you seek the Lord, search in your body,
Don’t wander aimlessly in the city,
Saint speaks of the Lord’s power:
It speaks within, there’s no other.

Koi sunta hai

Mukhtiyar Ali–na chedo mujhe yaar

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