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Cycle of Life

We see
When we see, we crave.
When we crave, we seek,
When we seek, we strive,
When we strive, we succeed,
When we succeed, we slight,
When we slight, we forget,
When we forget, we lose,
When we lose, we regret,
When we regret, it’s late,
Too late to regret.
And then again
Another cycle begins…

Things~ A Poem by Ayaz Sheikh

Picture: By Abro Khuda Bux


Can you hear?

Things speak.

This is the tanboora
on which Bhittai played,
From its strings
bloomed flowers,
Showering their fragrance on all.

This is the spindle-wheel
which Kabir spun
And the entire land
was woven into its texture.

This is the rope
with which Nana Sahib was hung
and which still swings
Waiting for goodness knows
who else’s head.

You are trying to make sense of my poetry,
In history’s museum
Things speak.

(Translation by Asif Farrukhi)

About the Poet: Sheikh Ayaz:
Shaikh Ayaz (Sindhi: شيخ اياز) was one of the major Sindhi poets of Pakistan. He was born in Shikarpur Sindh. By profession he was a lawyer but he also served as the vice chancellor of Sindh University. His poetry brought new trends into Sindhi literature.He wrote short stories, novel, essays, poetry, travelogues, diaries, an autobiography and the translation of Shah jo Risalo in Urdu. He also composed poetry in Urdu and two of his anthologies, “Booye Gul, Nala-i-dil” and “Neel Kanth Aur Neem Ke Pate” were highly acclaimed.[citation needed] He portrayed the miseries of suffering humanity, the sorrows of the deprived and the wretched conditions of the exploited masses who had been suffering at the hands of an unjust system for centuries.

P.S. My special thanks to Abro Khuda Bux for making me aware of this great poet of Sindhi language and hence in making this blog possible.

Source about the author: Wikepedia on Sheikh Ayaz

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