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Keeping it Simple is Real Companionship- Joe & Jill Biden Live by Example

Its Emperor Shahjahan who made the expression of love so vulgarly expensive.

Otherwise, keeping it simple is classy and priceless. Overdoing it appears gawdy and trashy.

Once I had a funny conversation with my son Ismail.
He said all his friends in college had girlfriends and “thank God I don’t have one”.
I asked, “Why?”
He said, “They were giving my friends headaches.”
I asked him, “Headaches? Why ?”
He replied, “Because they are gold diggers.”
I gave him a good scolding. “Why are you being so mean. As if your friends are gold mines? “

But he insisted they want expensive presents. Am not sure what’s the general trend among the youth these days, but its only much later in life that love-struck couples realize that the real happiness is in keeping things and expectations simple.

These precious picture of Joe and Jill Biden, the most powerful couple of the world symbolically speak a thousand words on what really counts in true companionship.
You don’t need diamond necklaces, or big bouquets to keep the bond of happiness strong.
Its small acts of care that make all the difference.

A lesson or two for the whiny and grumpy middle aged and old husbands of Desilands on how to add some sweetness & romance to your old bland or sometimes even bitter marital lives.

I miss Fasih so much today. He wouldn’t hesitated to do something as cute too.


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