Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Amir Khusrau imagining his dialogue with his master Hz. Nizamuddin Aulia:

Guftam ke roshan az qamar, guftar ke rukhsar-e-manast.

Asks Khusrau, “Who is as bright as moon?”  His master replies: “My cheeks.”

Guftam ke shireen az shaker, guftar ke guftar-e- manast.

I asked, “What is sweeter than sugar? He replies, “My words.”

Guftam tareeq-e-ashiqan, guftar wafadari buwad.

I asked,”What is the way of the loving.” He rpelied, “ Fidelity forever.”

Guftam makun jaur-o-jafa, guftar ke in kair e manast.

I asked, “ Don’t be so cruel and unfair.” He replied, “ This is my business.”

Guftam ke marg –e ashiqan, guftar ke dard e hijr e man.

I asked, “What is the death of the loving?”  He replied, “Separation from me.”

Guftam ilaaj e zindagi, guftar ke deedar-e- manast.

I asked, “What is the treatment of the loving.” He replied, “The sight of me.”

Guftam ke hoori ya pari, guftar  ke man shah e butaan.

I asked, “Then what are hooris and fairies? He replied, “(Leave them), I am their King.”

Guftam ke Khusrau na tawaan, guftar parastar e manast.

I said, “But Khusrau is very weak.” J He replied, “So what, he is my disciple.”

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