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Nankhatais with Almond Flour and Chunky Almonds

We were at Serena Shigar when Raja Adeel invited Humaira and us for Chai in the beautiful lawns by the stream at Shigar Fort. He had a box of nankhatais on the table. As we waited for chai, we kept chatting and munching on the NanKhatais.
Humaira informed me, “Ilmana these are famous Hafiz Nankhatais from Lahore made from desighee.”
Not a fan of desighee, but the desi biscuits with whole toasted amonds inside were irreristable.
When I realized, I had already gulped down 4 whole calorie loaded crispy biscuits. And the guilt of carbs indulgence set in, as usual.

To come to the point, ever since I had come back to Karachi I had thought of replicating these with non carb ingredients, as much as possible.

Of course Karachi is a city where you can find everything, just everything, including true love. Yes I found true love here almost 30 years ago. But this weekend, guess what, I even found raw almond flour( almond with skin) and hence decided to make Almond Flour Nankhatais. I couldn’t replace sugar, so used half quantity icing sugar.

The recipe is easy and with minimal basic ingredients: Almond flour, icing sugar, butter, chunky almonds, pinch of salt, pinch of baking powder and crushed cardamom seeds.
Just mixed them into a dough, rolled into small discs and baked in preheated oven for 12-15 minutes. Thats all.

The final Khatais are not as fancy as made out of refined flour, but they are delicious. I wish I could share the delectable aroma of the cookies fresh out of oven. Aah !

Pictures explain the steps of the making low carb almond Nankhatais.

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