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When US Marines looted Ancient Treasures from Iraq


All those complaining of looting & rioting in US cities in past few days be reminded of the following 2000-5000 year old archaeological treasures looted by US Marines in Iraq in 2003.

“American military members, contractors (such as Blackwater and etc), and others caught with culturally significant artifacts they brought home from the war there largely aren’t prosecuted. It’s not known how many Americans brought home artifacts as souvenirs or war trophies, but one expert suggested that the known cases—a defense contractor who brought back gold-plated items from Saddam’s palaces; a U.S. employee who shipped home an Iraq government seal; a Marine who bought eight ancient looted stone seals off the street—are just “the tiniest tip of the iceberg.”
~ UNESCO ( link here:

In 2006, the headless stone statue of the Sumerian king, Entemena, was recovered after it was offered for sale to a dealer in New York. A year later, a 4,000-year-old inscribed clay tablet was pulled from eBay’s Swiss website minutes before the close of bidding.
In 2008, 11 cylinder seals, made of agate and alabaster, were found by customs agents in Philadelphia.

And worse tragedy is the US Marines, first invaded Iraq, killed their people and then ran away looting their thousands years old Sumerian Civilization Treasures.

When the world was furious and outraged at this, the Secretary of Defense then Donald Rumsfield shrugged it off, “Stuff happens.”

Violence or looting is never okay. Yes, its NEVER okay, not only when a specific skin color or group is doing it, not even when US Marines do it overseas.

#GeorgeFloyd #AntiBlackRacism #PoliceAtrocities #Minneapolis


Shadeism is rooted in anti-Black Racism

Have we not heard over and over and over again, one of the first comments we often get to hear when a new baby, boy or girl is born:
“Iska rang itna gehra kyun hai. Kis per chala gaya?”
(His/her skin color so dark. Who has he/she taken on.)
“Arrey iska rang tou itna saaf hai. Bari sunder hai”
(Wow, she is so fair, she is so pretty)
Matrimonial Ad: “Chahiye, ek PhD larke ke liye ek gori, lambi, parhi likhi….”
(Required for a PhD boy a girl fair, tall, educated…)
Don’t fail to notice that fairness is emphesized before the qualifications… 😀

This list can go on. Majority of our conversation on looks hovers around complexion.
Our Bollywood superstars, including top actresses including the so called ‘intellectual’ Ashwarya Rai have adverstised for fairness creams. #Fair&Lovely

Not just women, Bollywood men, even superstar #KingKhan have also been complicit in shamelessly endorsing bleach creams for men.

It is estimated that in India alone, over $430-million worth of skin lightening products are consumed annually.
This is not all. In a brown-skinned India, you hardly see a dark skinned girl as a heroine. Of course unless you have to show her as an ugly or a destitute.
Here is an Ad from Pakistan by a senior icon, who is herself pretty wheatish branding her own fairness cream. Don’t miss how dusky girls are portrayed as sad, depressed and unfortunate.

We even make fun of the skin tones, hair textures, names and language of African black people, calling them derogatory words like #Kaala #Kalia #Kallu.
A couple of years ago two Nigerian black students were a target of violence in Greater Noisa, near Delhi. (Link:
In defence to that one of India’s Federal Ministers remarked:
“Indians are not racists. We have been living with South Indians, black people around us.”
How tragically comical can that statement be.
(Wonder if this is for real? Here is the link:

#YourStoryTeller developed a story called Shade ( Saanwali) based on a true story:

World has seen enough racial prejudice. It is not just for Black people to rise and protest against anti-Black racism. South Asians too must stand with them in solidarity, and also wake up and rid ourselves of anti-black prejudice and internalized racism in the form of shadeism.

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