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The Rhythm of Rain

Rustling leaves
Whispering winds
Rattle in thrill
To rejoice it’s arrival.
Gusty breeze,
Caresses the cheeks ,
Strokes the heart.
Soaked earth exudes
The aroma of maternal instinct
That no incense can match,
Ingresses into the brain
And cuddles the baby within.

Drizzling drops
With a naughty tinkle.
On the face, play jingle
Zeal of the downpour
Incites the kid within.
Doused with frolic,
Errupts into the expanse,
That no walls confine.

Pouring showers,
Seeping through the skin,
Drench the soul in ecstasy.
Clouds roar in thunder,
Saying ‘cheers’ in accord.
Lightening flash seizes,
The delightful sight,
In a frame of memory,
Frozen till eternity.

Water drips off,
Siphoning all the stress,
Ceding the heavenly bliss.
What else is Paradise?
So, do the best you can
When it rains on you,
Just let it rain.

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