Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Sarfaraz Shah you are the real face of Pakistan.

You are the face of the youth who constitute two thirds of Pakistan. They say youth needs no spark to ignite, they just need a direction.

Yes Sarfaraz you are the very face of the youth who has all the necessary spark within but no sense of direction ahead.

You are that face of Pakistan who has the great potential lying dormant within it, but the energy that no one cares to harness.

You are that very face of Pakistan who’s steam of helplessness and lack of opportunities to make a decent life scalds it to take the path of transgression.

You are that face of Pakistan who has learnt from his seniors that the shortest path to success is through ‘might is right’.

No one is born a villain, one is made so due to the circumstances.

How could you learn otherwise when the seniors you idolised around you were all offenders in their own right? Snatching petty cash, cell phone or jewellery at gun point in some corner of a street isn’t the only offence.

Usurping the rights of those weaker than oneself, not performing one’s duty sincerely in one’s work, not being honest in paying taxes, not giving the due to the maid in one’s household are all offences . So when you grew up seeing all these misconducts being committed , day in and day out, left and right, all around you, how would you not emulate them. Yes you are this very face of this Paksitan too, the delinquent Pakistan.

Yes Sarfaraz you are the face of that son of Pakistan whose mother sends him off every dawn, at her door with a fear in her heart, whether her beloved son would return home alive, at dusk.

Yes Sarfaraz you are the face of Pakistan, the young and the old, who’s fate is to bear the intimidation of the those who wield more power and who is born to bear the bullying from the powerful at every step, from crib to grave.

You are the face of Pakistan which is seen as a mere clay pigeon by the hungry guns and despot boots simply because they have learnt that the word ‘boots’ is synonymous with ‘stamping’, and the word ‘civilian’ is synonymous with ‘feeble’. And that the boots are worn to stamp the feeble, while the trigger is pulled to shoot at these feeble clay pigeons.

You are that face of Pakistan who dies several deaths each day, while it’s cries and wails of help fall on the deaf ears of the apathetic crowd, which just loves to watch from the sidelines.

You are also that face of Pakistan, like many other faceless and nameless Pakistanis who meet their end ruthlessly on the streets each day, and who’s sacrifices are forgotten long before their spilled blood dries up.

But Sarfaraz you are also that face of that Pakistan, which has the lava bubbling into it’s chests and is waiting for a tiny crater to spill out that ferocious lava. The lava that shall turn to ashes every injustice and malfeasance that has thrived for the past 64 years.

The true face of Pakistan that no one has ever fathomed in the remotest of their dreams.

Yes Sarfraz, I wish you become that very face of Pakistan.

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