Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Khoon baha, itna baha, ke behta chala gaya…


Mulk jhuka, itna jhuka, ke jhukta chala gaya…
Andhera hua, itna hua, ke hota chala gaya…

Zulm badha, itna badha, ke badhta chala gaya…
Insaaf mita, itna mita, ke mitta chala gaya…

Insaan soya, itna soya, ke sota chala gaya…
Aas miti, itni miti, ke mitti chali gayee…
~June 9, 2010


Dhyan hataye nahin hatta,
Aansoo thamey nahin thamte,
Dil sambhale nahin sambhalta
Karoon to aakhir kya ?

PS: Penned in a shaken state of mind after watching the video of the young boy, Sarfraz Shah, who was shot at close range, then left to bleed to death right there..

But will this stop at Sarfaraz Shah ?

Comments on: "Khoon baha, itna baha, ke behta chala gaya…" (1)

  1. What I should say as you say all.

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