Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

With my brain immersed in pool of ignorance,
With my heart beating in rhythm of indifference,
With my senses numbed with vaccine of bigotry
With my eyes enveloped in curtains of darkness,
With my ears stuffed with plugs of apathy,
With my mouth gagged with grips of denial,
With my hands tied in chains of cowardice,

I see no light at the end of the tunnel
I think no dream shall come true
I feel no dawn shall break
I hear no music of hope

So, I sleep again
into a deep slumber
To dream a dream that
God shall wake up

PS: Mentally shaken, morally crushed, neurally stunned I know not where am I heading…And with an illusion that  it’s not me, but God who will bring a change.

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