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Shame on Me, Mukhtara.

I wish I could burn my corneas opaque for being able to see and read the verdict given out to you, Mukhtara Mai.
I wish I could puncture my ear drums for being able to hear the desperate cries of you, Mukhtara when expressing your reaction to the verdict.
I wish I could scream out loud and burst my throat at the apathetic world who called your case a minor issue that needs to be zipped.
I wish I could bury myself two feet deep beneath the earth for being alive in a world where women like you wished they were better off dead than alive.
I wish I could pour kerosene and set alight all those who I heard clapped at the verdict in the courtroom.
I wish I could strangulate and kill with asphyxia those who labelled a victim ‘a bad woman’ and her whole community ‘names’.
And I would not spell out what I would do if I could to the perpetrators and those who who spelt this verdict.

Yes I wish not just to destroy myself but also each one of those who are partners in the crime against you.
Partners by committing the crime.
Partners by abetting the crime committed.
Partners by being vocal supporters of the crime.
Partners by just sitting on the fence, watching it .
Partners by not speaking out against this injustice.
Partners by just not doing enough to make a difference.

I do not absolve myself, Mukhtara.
I too am a partner in this crime.
I stay equally blamed—for
I just make futile noise
Or write a useless poem,
Or get agitated with no consequence
Or type routine comments on Face Book
Or tweet a random 140 character slogan
Or discuss ineffectively with friends

I know it’s just
Talk, talk and talk.
And nothing else.
I do nothing more.
I make no difference.
Shame on me.
Yes shame on me.
I‘m sorry Mukhtara.
I am your accused too.

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