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Gem Parade…

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Gemstones are mysterious things: naturally formed crystalline, geometric bodies with interesting optical properties. Each crystal has a different structure and composition giving it a unique hue and aura.
They are one of the nature’s most wonderful gifts to us.

Mankind associates different gemstones with significance related to the months of birth. We have even created superstitions associated with these beautiful creations of nature.

Interestingly they do not hold any commercial  fiscal value as the precious metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum. Once a friend of mine who is very fond of jewelery including gold and gemstones had a robbery in her house. The robber broke into the safe and picked only the gold jewelry, cash and even savings certificates while the gemstones were discretely left behind. She was overjoyed she felt it would have been inconsolable if her exotic painstakingly collected gemstones were stolen. 🙂

Here are the birthstones and their symbolic meanings, for fun sake:

Month — Birthstone– Symbolise
January —garnet— Passion & devotion
February– amethyst— Clarity of thought,
March— aquamarine —courage
April —–diamond—— amplify the thoughts
May—— emerald ——fertility & dreams
June-pearl/moonstone—inspiration& receptivity
July—- ruby —heart & love
August peri-dot —prosperity
September– sapphire —peace & happiness,
October– opal/tourmaline- passion &spontaneity
November- topaz/citrine -confidence & strength
December —turquoise/blue topaz— success

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