Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

You gave us reasons to laugh
You made us crack a smile
Amidst those glaring miseries
You made ’em blur for a whille.

Bitter truths of our life’s stream
Appeared as sweet as dreams.
With your being, life looked so bright
Your passing, has taken away that light.

Moin, who says that you have gone away
Your humor shall reign till the very last day.
You have left us– melancholic and pensive
But Moin, in our hearts, you will forever live.

Humility, that we found in you, as friends
Shall be a true guide in all our future errands.
Your simplicity spoke volumes of your being
And those reminders that Lord above was seeing.

Am grateful to God, that to humanity you were sent.
Moin, its very hard to part with you, my dear friend.
I know you will forever live, you can never die
Oh! Moin the angel, its so hard to bid you GOOD BYE

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