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The Home Planet: NASA’s View of Earth

The Home Planet: NASA’s View of Earth.

Walk with Beauty when Sad

Music & Nature-work as tranquillizers and antidepressants.
(…The canyons of S.E.Utah…)

Beauty and sadness always go together.
Nature thought beauty too rich to go forth
Upon the earth without a meet alloy.

~George MacDonald

As I Walk with Beauty
As I walk, as I walk
The universe is walking with me
In beauty it walks before me
In beauty it walks behind me
In beauty it walks below me
In beauty it walks above me
Beauty is on every side
As I walk, I walk with Beauty.
~Traditional Navajo Prayer

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Mukhtara, We Cry too.

First delay
And then deny.

With you
We all shall cry.

Gets buried
Beneath the verdict.

To fight
No power can restrict.

Is that all
You insist to know?

My dear
Where did it go?

We stand
Untill we see.

To the rapists
Whoever they be.

The Unbroken Thread~ by the Symphony of Science

What a beautiful way to musically put accross the difficult yet so important fundamentals of Science !

SYMPHONY OF SCIENCE : The Symphony of Science is a musical project headed by John Boswell, designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. Here you can watch music videos, download songs, read lyrics and find links relating to the messages conveyed by the music. The project owes its existence in large measure to the classic PBS Series Cosmos, by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Steve Soter, as well as all the other featured figures and visuals.

“The Unbroken Thread” is the fourth video in the Symphony of Science series, and it features David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, and Carl Sagan. The clips used in this installment come from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, David Attenborough’s Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life, The Life of Mammals, The Living Planet, BBC Life, XVIVO Scientific Animations, IMAX Cosmic Voyage, Jane Goodall’s TED Talk, and a clever Guiness Commercial.

The themes present in The Unbroken Thread attempt to explore the wild diversity of life on our planet, the intricacy and origin of its mechanisms, and its close relation to all other life forms.


ZMQ: Spreading Social Awareness via Gaming

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