Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Just Memories

The grains of time flow
Thro’  the hourglass
Over to the other side
The past sieves through
Out of sight, buried
Beneath the sand of memories.

As I retain not the past
I reminisce not the pain
I revere just their memories.
I miss not the thrills
I frown not at follies
I cherish just their memories.

I preserve not the laughter,
I foster not the agony,
I treasure just their  memories.
I cling not to excitements
I clasp not to regrets
I embrace just their memories.

I nourish not the bitterness
I nurture not the anger
I gather just their memories.
I etch not the differences
I engrave not the grudges
I enshrine just their memories
Time flies, swift and smooth
Seasons change, winds blow
Drifting away, like parachutes
Of the seeds of dandelion.
But all, we can hold onto
Are their stalks,
Of remnant memories.

Yes, just the great memories.

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