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This is too interesting and insightful.. .

I am currently reading a book “Works Well With Others” on how to or not trust others. Trust is an important pillar in business and personal life success.
My Admin at Taj, had once lightly remarked, “Madam you trust people too fast and you are too generous. Not everyone is sincere here. Most people here are imposters.”
However I have my own belief in trusting others for specific requirements. Trusting someone I believe is somtime testing them too. And most people who are trusted, respond well to that trust bestowed upon them.
Ofcourse its trust for certain situations or issues like with a loan, with handing over some responsibility. It is not a blanket trust for everything. I AM NOT THAT STUPID.

But still in a city like Karachi where trust deficit is higher than the highest peak in the country, his comment kept me wondering if there was something reall wrong with me. Then one of our young female Consultants, who has become a good friend too, recommended me to read this above mentioned book.

Contrary to what I had thought would be a serous learning lesson on how to manage ones trust on others, it has turned out to be a very funny personal story of a guy who evolved from an immature to a seasoned person skilled in workplace success and as a social navigation coach.
Since in West a lot of business transactions happen in bars or in business parties over beer cans, he suggests a Test called The Two Beers and a Puppy Test.

However trivial or ridiculous the test may seem, it appears that this test has recieved rave reviews and is acknowledged as a gold standard on trust by many.

Probably not applicable personally, as I don’t drink beer, but can definitely relate to trusting or not trusting people with my Elmo.
Non-beer folks can apply this to Tim Hortons Coffee or smokers to Sheesha or even with fine dining together. No one wants to go dine in a chic restaurant with uninteresting people. πŸ™‚
Those who don’t fancy dogs can apply to kittens or other pets.
Anju A Rajan you can relate to how Ismail needed to ensure if his kitties were safe at your place and spent a day earlier at your place. πŸ™‚

The Two Beers and A Puppy Test

The combinations it gives of

  1. Yes/No (Fun to be with but not trustworthy)
  2. No/Yez( Not a great company, but reliable)
  3. No/No (All in all Toxic- avoid them at all cost)
  4. Yes/Yes (Your people)

IMHO this can be extended to all our social networks including colleagues, family and friends in general, excluding social media friends of course. πŸ˜€

The book by Ross McCammon is a pleasure read. Would recommend to all.
Anyone who has read this book already? Your views?


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