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As the conservatives and the liberals stay engrossed(for their own reasons) with the banning of Veil in France, I sent in a message to some select non Muslim guys (as they would be more objective) in my friends list to inquire :

What do you think when you see a veiled woman?

( I kept the question open–they could think of the Islamic veil or the Indian veil–it was left to their imagination).

The answers I got in almost 4 hours were fascinating (though qiuite expected). I had heard my own hubby and brothers talk on those lines on occasions…

A veil…

Replies almost instant:

…makes her a mystery that needs to be solved.

…tempts me to find out what lies behind it.

…feels an uncomfortable itch to lift it.

…turns her instantly into a forbidden fruit.

Within 4 hours :

…makes my eyes acquire an X ray wavelength to pierce through the barrier.

…makes all my five senses alert.

…highlights the deep, dark, beautiful eyes and wants to know what else?

…makes her a magnet and me an iron file.

…makes her more sought after.

…makes her look ugly.

…makes my mind join the dots that the eyes could see behind the black screen and make a complete picture.

…makes me give them a second and a third look.

…makes me feel sorry for them.

Two of my friends replied much later”

…There is nothing to see and think about a veiled woman.

…I dont judge her. Its entirely her choice and her culture which needs to be respected.

Looking at the earlier posts, makes me scratch my head: “Is this for which one is told to wear a veil ?”
The following words came about…

A Veil

A Worthless cover
Envelopes me
An illusion

Exposed, I am
Screaming ‘mystery’
Pitched out there
As tempting
As a Forbidden fruit

A meaningless veil
Feeble and frail,
Nothing it sheilds
But takes off from me,
Who really am I.

Context: The ‘hot’ discussion on Veil ban in France is currently on…

Comments on: "A Veil in the Eyes of Men" (1)

  1. Ilmanafasih, this is a very thought-provoking question. One that I never really considered. I agree on the sentiment that of the mystery that a veil provides. However, I would hope that I could go deeper, and dismiss my ambiguities and perhaps bias to find a connection with the beauty of the soul that embodies that veil. Your poem does present a insightful perspective that something is perhaps lost in the wearing of the veil. But I am certainly intrigued by the motives of a woman who chooses (and should have the right and the ability to choose) to wear a veil.

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