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Heyy Dhoni and Afridi

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

You stir magic into the game of cricket
While stooping to guard behind the wicket
The bat is turned into a magic wand
When it swings up in your iron hand
Lo, the ball flings into an easy boundary
And electrifying the crowd all and sundry
Oh boy, you tall, dark and handsome
Who girls would kidnap even without a ransom.

Shahid Khan Afridi

Your attack with the bat makes crowd boom boom
Enough to send the bowler into a deep gloom
As you cross bat to flick it outside off stump
Ah, the ball flies for a six, the spectators jump
With your leg break come wickets crashing down
Off breaks and bouncers are other feathers in your crown
O’ man, such brilliant, bold and beautiful you are
So perfectly created to be called a ladies’ star.

NOTE: I love India and Pakistan as much, No more no less. Moreover so hard to choose between a handsome Dhoni and a beautiful Afridi. Hence I merrily  stay neutral. 🙂


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