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Ishq Mujhko Nahin, Vehshat Hi Sahi~GHALIB

ishq mujhko naheeN, wehshat hee sahee
meree wehshat, teree shohrat hee sahee

(You say) It is not love, it is madness
My madness may be the cause of your fame

qata’a keeje na ta’alluq ham se
kuchch naheeN hai to adaavat hee sahee

Sever not my relationship with you
If nothing then be my enemy

mere hone meiN hai kya ruswaaee
ei woh majlis naheeN KHalwat hee sahee

What is the meaning of notoriety in meeting me
If not in public court meet me alone

ham bhee dushman to naheeN haiN apne
GHair ko tujh se mohabbat hee sahee

I am not my own enemy
So what if the stranger is in love with you

apnee hastee hee se ho, jo kuchch ho
aagahee gar naheeN GHaflat hee sahee

Whatever you are, it is due to your own being
If this not known then it is ignorance

umr harchand ke hai barq-e-KHiraam
dil ke KHooN karne ki fursat hee sahee

Life though fleets like a lightening flash
Yet it is abundant Time to be in love

ham koee tarq-e-wafa karte haiN

na sahee ishq, museebat hee sahee

I do not want debate on the sustenance of love
Be it not love but another dilemma

kuchch to de ‘ei falak-e-na_insaaf
aah-o-fariyaad ki ruKHasat hee sahee

Give something O biased One
At least the sanction to cry and plea

ham bhee tasleem kee KHoo Daalenge
be_niyaazee teree ` aadat hee sahe

I will perpetuate the rituals
Even if cruelty be your habit

yaar se cheDa chalee jaay, ‘Asad’
gar nahee wasl to hasrat hee sahee

Teasing and cajoling the beloved cannot leave ‘Asad’
Even if there is no union and only the desire remains

Aawal Allah Noor Ao Paya-Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – KABIR

This is one of the most popular verses from the Gurugranth Saheb, the Holy Book of the Sikhs. They are Kabir’s words, known in the scriptures as Bhagat Kabir.Kabir has over 280 verses in the Guru Granth Saheb

Awwal Allah Noor Upaya Qudrat Keh Sub Banday
Aik Noor Keh Sub Jag Upajiya Kaun Bhale Ko Mandhe

God created light of which all the beings were born
And from this light, the universe; so who is good and who is bad

Logaa Bharam Na Bhoolahu Maahi
Khaliq Khalq Khalaq Meh Khaaliq Poor Rahio Sarab Tha’ee

The creation is in the Creator
And the Creator is in the creation

Maati Aik Anaik Bhaanth Ker Saaji Sajan Haray
Na Kash Poch Maati Kay Bhanday Na Kash Poch Kunbharay

The clay is the same, but the designer has fashioned it in various ways
Nothing is wrong with the pot of clay and there is nothing wrong with the potter

Sub Meh Sacha Aiko Soee Dis Ka Keya Sub Kuch Hoyi
Hukm Pachanay Saee Ko Janay Banda Kahiyeah Soee

The One true Lord abides in all and by his making everything is made
Whoever realises His command, knows the One Lord and he alone is said to be the Lord’s slave

Allah Alkh Na Jaee Lakhiya Gur Gur Dheena Meetha
Kahay Kabir Mair Sanka Naase Sarab Niranjan

The Lord Allah is invisible and He cannot be seen; the Guru has blessed me with this sweet brown sugar
Says Kabir, my anxiety and fear have been taken away; I see the immaculate Lord pervading everywhere.

Yet the original version of the same verses as sung by Sikh followers as Shabd, or Gurbani or a Hymn is:

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