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I Wish I was That Heart

I wish I was a heart
You ask, Why?
I say, Why not?
Neither yours nor mine
Just a Heart.

I wish I was a heart
With no Hindu Muslim tag
Neither a doe nor a stag
Not a Sunni or a Shiite
Neither black nor white
Not even a pauper or a prince
Which never loses, always wins
And with love that binds
The other hearts, souls and minds
I wish I was that heart.

I wish I was a heart
Day and night that beats
For rest, it never retreats
That never says it’s tired
From God it is inspired
Who neither sleeps nor rests
Always striving for our best
Such be that caring heart
So selfless from the start.
I wish I was that heart

I wish I was a heart
Love is all one finds in its store
With empathy ingrained into its core
Compassion embedded within it’s walls
On mercy and kindness it always falls
Warmth and passion it gladly outpours
Envy and vengeance it wholly abhors
All that are so banal for a living
Yet so considerate and so forgiving
I wish I was that heart.

I wish I was a heart
Who’s color red is a delight
So sanguine, warm and bright
Into candies and chocolates it molds
And loads of sweetness it enfolds
That cuddly teddy bears, so dearly hold
On who’s valor and love, stories are told
For whom Valentines blow off their heads
Upon who’s breaking, many tears are shed
I wish I was that heart.

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