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Welcome to the LAND OF THE PURE

2 March 2011, I wake up to this news:

“The shooting to death of Pakistani Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti has once again raised questions about the country’s controversial blasphemy laws. Mr Bhatti – a Christian – was one of the country’s diminishing number of influential liberals prepared to speak out against the laws. They carry the death sentence for anyone who insults Islam, and critics say they have been used to persecute minority faiths.”

And it enrages me to say this:


Where light goes out and darkness infests
Where hatred and bigotry thrive at their best

Where hopes tumble and fear gnaws
Where barbarism rises to open its claws

Where breath constricts and throats it chokes
Where revered are satans in beards and cloaks

Where few minds shake and few souls moan
Where majority beings bear hearts of stone

Where guns are toys and innocent blood flows
Where sane die, mad thrive, as insanity grows

Where ‘secular’ ‘minorities’ are words of shame
Welcome, my friend ‘Land of the Pure’ is my name.

THE DAY MY GOD DIED–a documentary by Global Voices

Trafficking of young girls for sex trade.

“The day I was sold is the day my God died.”

One ¬†million of the world’s women and children disappear into that darkness every year.

Trafficking is absolutely, positively the worst possible case of Human Right violation you can think of.

Trafficking is abduction, trafficking is rape,  trafficking is torture- emotional & physical, trafficking is murder.

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