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WAR IS WICKED–be it endorsed by UN, approved by world leaders or instigated by Gaddhafi’s aggression.

World been witnessing since the past month Gaddhafi waging a war against the rebels in Libya and bombing his opponents with tanks and air raids. Thousands of innocent people have been displaced and and made refugees.

Now since the past 5  nights the Allied forces have been bombarding the regions of Gaddhafi’s stronghold. They claim that they have a ‘key role’ and there is ‘considerable progress’ in this ‘humanitarian intervention’. They claim they are not after Gadhafi , but they drop missiles on his residence in Bab Al Aziziyah, Tripoli.

In summary, one ugly aggression replaces another. War continues in the pretext of peace.

I wonder how could one imagine that the complaints civilian deaths as a result of these raids are ‘lies’ when they happen to be dropped at night time from hundreds of feet above the ground, be they precision guided.
Security Council passed the UN resolution 1973 with 10 nations voting for a yes, including the veto wielding United States, UK and France, while the remaining five-China, Brazil, Germany, India and Russia abstained. Unfortunately no one voted for a NO.

Yes the majority was in favor but that does not make war any more justified. These 15 nations did not vote out of principle but acted on their vested interests. Two wrongs don’t make one right.

The traditional Russia and China who traditionally veto most of the resolutions, preferred this time to abstain. The reason—they too have their own skeletons in the cupboard -with human rights issues in the Xinjiang, Tibet and Caucasian republics respectively.

India abstained not to displease it’s trade partners and supporters of Kashmir cause amongst the Arabs.
And no sooner the raids begin the same Russia and its premier cried, “The use of force against other countries became a steady trend in the U.S. policy,” Putin noted, adding this trend was “disturbing” and “the UN resolution “is, surely, flawed and lame…as it allows intervention in a sovereign country”.

China claims it abstained instead of hindering the resolution in solidarity with the African Union and Arab League supporting the action. What credibility should one give to the Arab League which comprises of 18 out of 22 members states with non democratic regimes and are saving their own skins by wagging their tails behind their western allies.
Secretary General Amr Moussa of Arab League now screams of “Libyan civilians at risk”. The real risk is to his prospects of contesting for presidency back home in Egypt.

African Union had been at loggerheads with Gaddhafi for their own reasons power struggle.
South Africa was amongst the 10 to have voted in favor, now its President Zuma calls for an immediate ceasefire and “rejected any foreign intervention, whatever its form”.

The other leaders of African Union Mugabe( Zimbabwe), Pohamba (Namibia) and Musoveni (Uganda) too condemn airstrike as pretext to control Libya’s oil, interfering in internal affairs and ‘might is right’ respectively.

Why were the cries for a no fly zone in oil less Somalia not heeded and why the same treatment is not met to the Bahraini King, Yemeni Premier for squashing rebellions ? We know why.

On the other side, the four nights of air raids have hardly been able to make Gaddhafi comply to the no fly zone. Gaddhafi’s aggression hasn’t stopped . He is more defiant and calls for Muslims of the world to join the crusade against the west.

I fear that this is again going the Iraq way with divisions and chaos within the country. By assisting the rebels—they are again repeating the story of assisting Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

The war may eliminate Gaddhafi but like any war, I am apprehensive, it will eliminate peace and stability too.
”The only thing the United Nations approved is a no-fly zone. That is to say that Gaddafi’s aircraft can’t bomb the rebels, but what they have done is to bomb all the way to Tripoli, and that is unacceptable,” said President Correa of Argentina.”Perhaps we didn’t learn anything from the case of Iraq? How can the human beings make the same mistakes again?”

We have seen the chaos and devastation after interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan previously. But probably the vested interests of great nations make them blind and forgetful of the recent past.

Thanks to the egocentric madness of another mad man and the voting of these 15 leading nations, the peace loving humanity will again witness more deaths in the name of war, more hatred in the name of religion and more poverty with escalating oil prices.

Says Bertrand Russel: War does not determine who is right – only who is left.

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