Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Thinking of how the world has changed for the Japanese in just two and a half minutes….

Mother nature convulses
In sheer fit of outrage
From Heaven yesterday
Turns into a Hell today
Mocking at man’s delusion
That: ” I’m the master.”

Earth throws tantrums
Shakes and trembles
Enfolds life along
Slides and shifts
Turns a mass grave
Ridiculing man’s illusion
That : “I’m the master.”

Oceans roar aloud
Rise high in fury
Sweeping all alike
Matchbox houses
Cardboard cars
Engulfing mortals within
Drowning peace with it
Decieving man’s fantasy
That: “I’m the master.”

Death, despair everywhere
Cities of yesterday
Become graveyards today
Houses, schools, bridges
Turn a pile of rubble
Mountains of tragedy.
Taunting at man’s fallacy
That: “I’m the master.”

( Written in the wake of 23 feet Tsunami and 8.9 Richter scale earthquake that shook Japan on 11 March 2011).

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