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Abr me barad o man me shavam az yar juda
Chun kunam dil ba chunin roz ze dildar juda
No, leave me not, my beloved, enjoy this rainy day
And tear you not my love from my loving heart away

Abr o baran o man o yar sitada ba wida
Man juda girya kunan, abr juda, yar juda
Oh how can I this rainy night without my beloved sleep
When everyone is weeping here, weep I and clouds weep

Sabza nou khaiz o hava khurram o bustan sarsubz
Bulbul e rooesiyah manda ze gulzar juda
With the air so fresh and clear, and the garden lush and green
Oh, why is our nightingale not part of the lovely scene?

Dida az behr e to khunbar shud, aye mardum e chashm
Mardumi kun, mashow az dida e khunbar juda
For you, my one and only one, I shed the tears of blood
So don’t be out of my sight, for it’ll become a flood

Husn e to daer napayad chun ze Khusro rafti
Gul basay daer namanad chun shud az khar juda
Away not go from your KHUSRO lest you begin to whittle
Like a flower you will wither when cut you’re from the thistle

Part of the poem not sung here:

Nemat e dida nakhaham keh bamanad pus azin
Manda chu dida azan nemat e didar juda
O light you’re of my eyes, O you’re my gift of sight
And when you’re out of my sight, my day looks like the night

Dida sad rakhna shud az behr e to, khakay ze rahat
Zood bargir o bakun rakhna e divar juda
I love to peek, and ogle you from every chink and crack
My eyes will surely crack up, dear, if they not keep the track

Learning Farsi( Persian), word by word:

1a. abr=cloud, mîbârad=raining, va=u, man=I, mîshavam=become, az=from, yâr=friend, judâ=separated

1b. chun=how, konam=I make dil=heart bachanin=such a rôz=day z=from dildar=in heart judâ=separate ?

2a. abr=cloud u=and bârân=rain u=and man=I va=and yâr=friend sitâdah=stood ba=for vidâ’a=farewell.

2b. man=I judâ=separate girya=tear konân=is making(weeping) abr=cloud judâ=separate tû=you judâ=separate.

3a. sabzah=verdure naw=new khêz=risen u=and havâ=love/passion khurram=joyful u=and bustân=garden sar=head sabz=verdant

3b. bulbul=nightingale rôy=face siyâh=overcast mândah=remained z=from gûzar=place judâ=separated

4a. az=from murâdar=longing tah=root har=every mûy=hair z=from zulfat=tresses bandî=slave

4b. chah=what how konî=do you band=limg z=from bandam=limb hamah=whole yakbâr=all at once judâ=separated ?

5a. dîdh=seen az=from bahar=for every tû=you khûnâbar=raining blood tears shod=become ay=O mardam chashm=pupil of the eye.

5b. mardumî=Courtesy kon=do mushav=be not az=from dîdah=eye/vision khûnâbar=raining blood tears judâ=separate.

6a. ni’mat=Ease dîdah=vision nakhûham=pride ki=that bamând=stayed pasafter then azîn=such as this from this.

6b. mandah=remained chun=when if dîdah=eye/vision izan=from him ni’mat=favour dîdâr=rendezvous judâ=separated.

7a. dîdah=vision sad=hundred rakhna=window shod=became az bahr=for sake of tû=you khâkî=made of dust.

z=from rahat=escaped zûd=haste bargîr=accept u=and bekon=make rakhna=breach dîdâr=vision judâ=separated

8a. maid=remain ham=also so jân=life soul ma rav=go not az=from man=me vagarat=although bâvar=to believe nîst=is not.

bêsh=more azan=from that khwâhahiî=nilly willy bustân=garden u=and nigahdâr=guardian judâ=separated ?

9a. husn=beauty tû=you dêr=late long napîd=not stand firm chû=when if z=from khusraw=Khusrau rufti=you go.

gul=flower basî=many a dêr=long namand=not remain chû=when if shod=become az=from khâr=thistle judâ=separated.

(About the singer: Zila Hussain Khan:Zila Khan  is an Indian sufi singer  , daughter of pre-eminent sitar maestro Ustad Vilayat Khan and Begum Monisha. She was named by her father after Amir Khusrow‘s raag, Zila Kaafi ).


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