Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Chadariya jhini re jhini, re ram naam ras bhini
body is like finely woven cloth and is permeated by the raam naam (ra+ma rechek purak (breath))

Asht kamal ka charkha banaya, panch tatv ki pooni
Eight-petaled lotus was used as a spinning wheel, and the 5 elements as yarn

Naw das maas bunan ko laage, moorakh maili keeni
took 9-10 months to knit it, Oh fool you soiled it!

Jab meri chadar ban ghar aaee, rang rej ko deeni
When I got my sheet, I gave it to person who dyes sheet(guru).

Aisa rang ranga rangrej ne, laalo lal kar deeni
It was dyed such, totally red in color

Dhruv, Prahlad, Sudama ne odhi, Sukhdev ne nirmal keeni
Dhruv Prahlad and Sudama wore it, Sukhdev made it pure.

Das Kabir ne aisi odhi, jyo ki tyon dhar deeni

Servant Kabeer wore it such, he left it as it is (as he got it)

Kabir here talks about body, or human experience and how to utilize it. He talks about how he lived in the body, how other notable predecessors lived and how does an average man live.

Body is a sheet. breath is the link which makes body experience possible.(raam naam), hence re raam naam ras bhini chadariya

Eight lotuses, eight latent tendencies of body(survival, threat, accumulation, attention, domination , suppression, discontentment,) correlate with eight energy centres within body(7+1(bindu).

The five elements of nature – earth, sky, fire, water, and wind-are the yarn which weave the sheet ( body).

This sheath takes involves 9-10 lunar cycles around earth, time as celestial movement. celestial connection with sheath.
You soiled it, you lost awareness.

Kabir now talks about his own body (mori chadar what happened with his sheet). When kabir took body, he let his guru work on it. His guru dyed it( permanent transformation of body based experiences ) and made it red. (red is the color of  awareness).

Kabir now talks about how other noted people who wore it, Dhruv, Prahlad Sudama(all saints), and Sukhdev, and purified it (lived with awareness).
How did Kabir wear it?  Kabir, didn’t let it get soiled. He maintained the newborn’s awareness all his life.

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