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O’ my dear Kamran

Each match, each over, each bowl
I want you to catch me
I want you to hold me
I even want you to hug me.
O’ you adorable Kamran

Each time I come near you,
You don’t even stop me
You don’t even look at me
You don’t even attend to me
O’ you hearltess Kamran

Each time I bounce on you
You just push me away
You just look the other way
You just fall the wrong way
O’ you clumsy Kamran

How long will this go on, O’ Kamran?
Will a bowl come when you will stop me from a ‘four’ ?
Will an over come when you will catch me for an ‘out’ ?
Will a match come when you will bail me off for a ‘stump’?
O’ you lazy Kamran.

Forever yours,

With love,

The Poor Ball.

Comments on: "O’ MY DEAR KAMRAN" (1)

  1. Hey, this is hilarious!! Thanks for writing this 😀

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