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I am half your world

I am a Goddess
A bearer of your continuity
An embodiment of sacrifice
A symbol of love and compassion

I am a mother
A mirror of your emotions
An answer to your worries
An umbilical cord of your needs

I am a wife
A torchbearer of your love
A pinch of spice in your life
A house keeper of your heart

I am a friend
A keeper of your secrets
A shoulder for your cries
A cool breeze in your life

I am a sister
A receiving end of your pranks
A quarrelsome and doting pal
A buddy who annoys yet cares.

I am a daughter
A bundle of your joy
A twinkle of your eyes
A reason for your smiles

I am a daughter, a sister and a friend

Yet you,
Strangulate me in the womb
Mourn me on my birth
Feed me  on leftovers
Raise me up as a burden
Exclude me from  inheritance

I am a wife, a mother and a Goddess:

Yet you ,
Objectify my body and my spirits
Clip my wings and my freedom
Burn my face and my dreams
Rape me and my ambitions
Kill me and my aspirations.

And yet, so I remain
Half  your world.

No, not the better half,
I am the ailing half,
The crying half
The other half.


March 8, 2011

PS:  Special thanks to Fatima for teaching me the nuances of drawing a face.

Comments on: "I AM HALF YOUR WORLD" (2)

  1. Good poetry on our ‘half’. But this is not the complete truth today, thankfully so many are ‘better’ halves too. 🙂 Why should you not show the positive side too. However, the drawing is great.

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