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George Fulton is leaving said the article from Express Tribune.
He is divorcing Pakistan but with a heavy heart, he wrote.

Heyy George,

Whatever the circumstances of the relationship had been –dysfunctional or frustrating – you may be divorcing Pakistan, but you will never be able to ‘leave’ Pakistan.

Who says you can ‘leave’ Pakistan.?

Once you cross any one’s path be it your ‘dame’ Pakistan, you take a ‘bit’ of her with you, which shall be a ‘little’ part of you, for the rest of your life.

Yes George, no matter how many times you pronounce the word Talaq, you will not be able leave her. She will live in your memories, in your day to day life. She may not haunt you or stalk you, but she will definitely be a ‘part’ of you.

You came Pakistan’s way and cared to stay on for some time. But perhaps Pakistan didn’t care back in return.

Today like millions of us, you have expressed your valid fears of her extremism getting more extreme and her being a failed woman .

The evil side of this woman called Pakistan , who pushed you to a corner to leave must be rejoicing today. Once again like in Benazir’s assassination, Taseer’s ghastly murder, or countless suicide bombs, today again, the extremist wicked witch in Pakistan has won over.

I do not perceive you by the color of your skin. The day you tied the knot with the green passport, you became a Pakistani. I take you as one of us. Each one of us who thinks and is brave to embrace Pakistan with love and care is a George.

We have millions  of Georges in Pakistan. Georges who think and feel the same as you.

All these Georges too feel hurt and bitter because of nepotism, corruption, extremist, ignorance and communal hatred. But perhaps they do not have the privilege like you to leave.

Please support all these Georges who are left behind and strengthen their dreams, desires and aspirations to tame this dame of yours.

Yes, you will leave, but then this dame needs to know her place and learn to behave. And the anger that you have caused in all these Georges will see that she is shown how to behave like a civilised woman. We will not let her ruin any more Georges.

But George, why should you care for the reciprocity if you really cared for her

Many a virtues in life need reciprocation –like friendship, trust, fidelity. But when it comes to care and love —it is generally one sided and may be reciprocated but not necessarily with the same intensity.

The real test is to be with your loved one in the time of need. She may be dysfunctional, for she is going through a bad patch. She isn’t all bad and only bad.
Like all of us, she has her soft side too. This softie is definitely going to miss you.

And today she is pensive, helpless. She is crying loud and hard to be saved.

You may not stay with her, but you may still support her with your affection and care.

I am neither  judging you nor  stopping you. But please don’t stop caring for her, even if she ceases to be your beloved.

I do not blame your decision or your bitterness. Only those who care get bitter. But with time your bitterness shall wane and all you will remember is the pleasant days you spent with her.

Please join hands with all of those forces who shall make this woman virtuous again. Difficult times come in the lives of all nations–new and old. And history has witnessed people coming out of worse  times –whether the Nazi hatred of Jews, Opium addiction in China or the dark ages of Europe.

With all the wonderful Georges fighting for her  recovery from the ailments of ignorance and hatred shall ensure that one day the compassionate  and loving Pakistan shall triumph over  the wicked and hostile Pakistan.

Hate and hostility have no feet in front of love and compassion.And they shall triumph in Pakistan too.

And I am so sure a day will come in our life time when you shall be proud that you came Pakistan’s way.

Please lend your hand to  those who strive for this,  in whatever way you can. Distances do not matter, if the intentions are good.

Keep her in your good will and prayers.

Please don’t stop caring for her.

She still needs you, George.

Yes she needs you.

She needs you.

For sure.


  1. This falls under the category of emotional blackmail. Why should George stay?

    To see Mumtaz Qadri being ‘fought for’ by the extremists (even in the court). Or may be you want him to see more minority persecution in Pakistan.

    Face the facts, extremism has crept into the ranks of ‘intellectuals’, Journalists, lawyers, politicians, engineers even a small fruit seller near your house will have a photo of ‘Hadhrat Maulana Mumtaz Qadri’.

    Whatever you do, you have to turn to the same people every Friday, listen to them speak and mark my words, they will get to you someday too.

    • Heyy friend, Did you read the blog? Or you just got carried away by the Heading?

      Who has emotionally blackmailed George not to leave. ? Yes he is leaving and for the very reasons that you have mentioned.

      Friend, I would suggest please read it all over again.

      • Dear blogger,

        I did read your post, though very beautiful and heart touching, the truth cannot be overlooked. I am not saying that I have given up on Pakistan, but I have given up on all the ‘Georges’ whom you mentioned are fighting for the recovery.

        These ‘Georges’ are scared, afraid and not willing to show any guts. Life is precious my fellow countrywoman.

        How can you expect a country to ‘recover’ when they are tumbling down the ditch of ignorance. Need I remind you, after the whole Salman Taseer Saga, I caught Fareed paracha red handed and showed it to the world, but there is still NO action on that. I notified all the famous ‘journalists’ about it

        Some ‘afraid’ columnist mention it ‘vividly’ in their columns. For instance, read this:

        Then see this compilation:

        And now read the reaction where a layman doesn’t even know what this author is talking about:

        How do you expect the nation to recover when they don’t even know what they are ‘fighting’ for?

      • I agree with most of what you said. But so long as there are even one Dr Pervez Hoodbhoys ( sitting next to Paracha) who has the ‘guts’ to speak his mind, then we have you too who speaks up. So it takes only one to lead the caravan and then as the tide turns, people follow. Here we have two not just one, friend. 🙂
        I agree with you on one thing cent per cent–that we do not know what are we fighting for.

        Thanks for taking time to comment and for all those links.

      • I do appreciate Hoodbhoy and other liberals standing up but what you didn’t notice in the video is the fact that ‘NONE’ of the liberals challenged Fareed Paracha’s distortion, not even the presenter, even the crowd was clapping at this as if Fareed Paracha is right.

        It goes to show that when it comes to religious scriptures, whatever the maulvi say is Qura’an even though it is far from being Qura’an, if we continue this way, there will come a time where if someone is speaking general Arabic, we will think it is Qura’an.

        We are ignorant towards our own religion. It is our duty to safeguard our faith, we cannot let someone with a long beard and no sense of science (namely the maulvis) hijack it away.

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