Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Sixth day into the turmoil in Libya, with Benghazi and Triopoli burning and hundreds are dead.
“Power not for one day, two days but for 42 years. He  almost started to believe that he  owned Libya.” claim people.

Yes, it is  believable that power corrupts.

Yes, Gaddhafi Sir, you have been in power since 1969  and has it corrupted you too. when you as a  handsome, brave revolutionary with Nasser and Che as your  heroes came to power in Libya,  you wowed to bring a change. You had Ortega, Chavez and Mandela as your best friends.

And in the times when women rolled in the black abayas like the sacks of coal, you did take them out of it. You did bring them into the army. You did make them your personal guards.You did make them pilots, architects, engineers and policewomen.

You made the Libyans living in dark ages get education from 20% to 85 %.

You made the people selfsufficient of food. God gave Libya  black gold, you gave the Libyans blue gold.
Yes the power with which you have done these ruthless things, it has corrupted you.

People accused you of being a debauch or a womanizer. But I did not believe a word of what propaganda the west did against you. I thought they were jealous of your smart Libyan  girls. If you had kept them in Harems like your other colleagues in the region, you wouldn’t be called a womaniser.

You talked of Pan Arab Unity on the lines of Gamal Abdul Nasser. You became the passionate voice of the African Union. You were the ‘best friend ‘of Nelson Mandela in his own words.
Your Green Book  ideology spoke of Socialism and merged it with the moderate Islamic values. You made the bitter word ‘socailism’ palatable to the Muslims.  Yes by  talking of Palestine, Socialism, Unity you have committed offense, a real offense.

As a teenager, I considered you as a Hero. I found you handsome. They said you had a million dollar smile. And I agreed to that too.

As a student activist I even attended, in my youth ,  your International Youth Conference in Tripoli in September 1986. Your youth at that time was so inspired by your work and chanted slogans and songs in love for you.   Some guys back then  did hint that you got  angry at those who did not agree with you. But they said, you were fair too, to each one of the Libyans.
My respect for you increased many folds  when your tent house was ruthlessly bombed by the Americans in April 1986, and your darling baby girl you had adopted from an orphange, had died. Did the world not see that. But why would they remember it now?

You were amongst  the few, who openly and honestly supported the cause of Palestinian Liberation, when others like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, other Gulf monarchies were busy doing lip service and actually obeying the west.

Youth is an age of idealism. But is it that with age you changed ?

As one grows older one faces realities of life and one becomes selfish.
Has the same thing happened to you ?

Sometimes I wonder what”s wrong ?

First time I got disappointed was when you returned all the nuclear enrichment stuff voluntarily in return to appeasement from the West.  Has the revolutionary in you died ?

But still whatever crap the Westrn media or CIA used to talk about you, I never believed and knew it was to defame you.
Or is it as people say,  I am too enamoured by you, being unreasonably naive to believe in your ‘good intentions’.

They say what is  happening now is no  propaganda. It is all in black and white, having had 200 dead in 6 days just because you dont like their demand of democracy.

As the protests grew, texts were sent out over the Libyan mobile network urging “nationalist youths to defend the country’s national symbols.”

Translation of it by the vested interests ” Gaddafi wants thugs to deal with the protestors. This has led to more chaos and civilian deaths. Civilians have been killed at funerals, which just leads to more funerals. Tanks have run people over. Snipers shoot from rooftops and helicopters. There have been reports of machine guns and mercenaries, too.”

You better stop your westernised son to stop threatening the people you loved for all these years. He is so arrogant and heartless.  He has no idea how hard you worked to make Libya a modern and a moderate state. If I could I would have strangulated him by now, for  the way he was talking on TV and threatening the innocent people  with dire consequences. At least give that  ‘thug’ a hard punch from my side.

And then those tweets about “Gaddafi ordered mercenaries to rape Libyan women”

No, I dont believe it. I know you can’t do that. You had so much love and respect for women. I know this from the days I met you as a teenager.

I know this is a blatant lie.

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