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My definition of life and success may not be all that great and magnanimous. But then so rightly did someone say that a successful life is not an ideal of reason but of imagination:

For me,

to have LIVED means :

Having appreciated all that is beautiful.

Having laughed more than having cried.

Having acknowledged the best in the others.

Having held the head high even when let down.

Having sung the song of prosperity even in adversity.

Having endured the denigration of those we call friends.

Having been blind to the manmade boundaries and prejudices.

And so,

to have SUCCEEDED means:

Having  given up one’s self.

Having made the world bit better

Having   made   a   life  breathe easier

Having chosen for other’s good before mine.

Having   earned  the   respect  of   the  intelligent.

Having  no regrets for whatever I did  in good faith.

Having  won the approbation of  the known and the unknown.

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