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For once for some reasons best  known to me, Raymond Davis issue has failed to catch the appeal of my heart. Just that I know the basic outline of who he is, what he did, where and when and what hue and cry this incident has stirred.I am neither following it nor worried about it’s outcome. I know it has caused a huge furore and taken up the majority of the broadcasting time of the TV channels, and even  costed a PPP stalwart his ministry and probably his political career in PPP.

But I still remain unstirred, unmoved.

Is it because I am fed up of the politics and the  ever changing focus of issues in Pakistan?

Or is it because I am consumed by the happening in Libya, a far flung place, which fascinates me more?

Or is it because I want to keep all my energies reserved for the World Cup Cricket?

No fortunately it is none of these.

The main reason is, I am afraid to reveal, will make me look  cynical and irresponsible. But whatever any one may  think, I feel this event does not deserve all that attention it is getting at the cost of other more important issues.

With due respect to all the blogs, tweets, FB statuses obsessed with Raymond Davis, I have made none except for this off hand blog. And not to mention all those print and elctronic media  who are using up majority  of their print space and broadcasting hours on the issue.  However I do not mean to judge either them or others  those who have been dedicating their energies and time thinking and talking about this  issue. May be they see the angle or twist in the case which I fail to get.

I would rather consume myself up on issues which make a difference to the common man like education, poverty, ignorance, reducing maternal and child mortality. For me it is nothing but a waste of time and energy to harp over who is Raymond Davis, whether he has diplomatic immunity and  what should be his fate in  a poor country like ours. Let the foreign office or the concerned officials or the judiciary  deal with his case, instead of the media, civil society and the common man.

I may be absolutely wrong or gone insane, in the eyes of the emotional Pakistanis, but this is what my calculated guess about this issue is.

Is this the first time we have a CIA agent operating and carrying out his agenda on this Earth?

I have been hearing of CIA doing this and doing that ever since I learned to recite ABC.

Thousands  of agents must  have come to this land and accomplished their mission and gone under cover. Even those who get killed get a ‘nameless place’ in their Memorial Wall of Fallen CIA Agents in the CIA headquarters in Langley Virgina.

No one gets to know who they were or what they did, not  even their families.

The situation with Raymond Davis is that for some stupidity of his, he got caught and couldn’t escape–hence all this exposure of a CIA operative in Pakistan. And hence all this screaming from every nook and corner of Pakistan.

What will happen to his fate, I know not.
But whatever happens to him–extradited or punished or whatever, will not make any difference in the long run.

And even if we imagine the extreme scenario that his native land admits  wrong doing, is it going to make even an iota of a difference to the poor man who fails to get two square meals a day, or that woman who has no rights within her four walls or outside, the child who does get the balanced diet  to escape from malnutrition right from the word ‘go’ in his life.

Many more Raymond Davis’s  will come and go this way without being caught, exactly the way they come and go elsewhere in the world.

Rightly or wrongly this is what every country does against those who’s interest clash with theirs. We do too and we too get caught once in a while.  But does that  stop us ?

After this incident one firmly comes to believe that Ignorance is ‘really’ a bliss.

Only we had remained ignorant of this nth CIA operative on our land, we would have been so much at peace and worry about more worthy of attention issues.

Lastly, what do we do of those CIA agents who are hired locally and live amongst us ?

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