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Archive for February 10, 2011


Bombs and bombs
One after the other
We still have mehndis with
Drumbeats and dandiyas.

Floods and floods
Wherever you saw
We still had iftaars
Table full and elaborate.

Destruction and demolition
Of homes and schools
We still rennovate homes
With Italian marbles and tiles.

Misery and poverty
From your door till mine
We still change wardrobes
With every changing season.

Hunger and malnutrion
As far your eyes can see
We still have overbooked tables
In buffets and gourmet restaurants.

Depression and despondency
In every household one knows
We still blowoff our tops on
Valentines Day celebrations.

Ask Why?
Kyonke, hum zinda qaum hain.
Jee haan, hum zinda qaum hain.


After Raymond Davis
Come one  come all
Toms, Dicks, Harries
Sheelas, Veenas, Munnis
Come  come  come
Come and perform
Pakistan is a  stage
We are a great Qaum
Of spectators only
We will watch surely
Your antics closely
Will  boo oo  a   lot
And cheer somewhat
Then again we will go
Back to a deep sleep
Yupp,   deep indeed.
Coming on to streets?
Ugh!  Not  f or   us !
It suits   so  much
Those frickin Egyptians
And the silly Tunisians
Ehh, those  chotey log.


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