Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

We want change, we want revolution.

We want Pakistan to fly, we want our country to shine and want it to be the best .

Yes, why not. We all want our country to be the best. Nothing wrong. No, not at all.

These are the aspirations of a common man of Pakistan—no Feudal Lord, no bureaucrat, no politician. Yes we ‘the common man’ have aspirations as high as Minar-e-Pakistan but our actions do not even reach upto the roof level of  it’s basement.

We want the corruption to go with a wink—but we do not want to give up our right to use our nepotism skills to get what we can. We do not want our right connections to to go waste, in getting our kids the right job or admission. But still we want Pakistan to be free of corruption, but  not through us.

We want the cities and the towns in Pakistan to be the utopias of law and order. We want to leave our house without fear of being kidnapped. But we do not want to stop breaking the traffic signal whenever there is no policeman at the crossing, or even stop throwing the garbage outside the house shamelessly. But still we want Pakistan to be law abiding, not us.

We want Pakistani  people to be prosperous. We do not want to see encroachments of the shacks in the empty lot near our bungalows, we do not want the maasi who comes to our house  to flick any jewelery kept at the side table. But we do not want to pay the correct amount of taxes, share our massive wealth with the poor around us. We do not want to reduce one extra dish from our daily elaborate meals, what to talk of missing a meal in their honor. We bargain every penny from these maids and show the display of vulgar wealth in our house as they work. Yes we still want her and the whole Pakistan to be honest, not us.

We want to see beautiful schools, hospitals, roads all over Pakistan, we want no beggars on our streets. But we do not want to pay a dignified wage to our employees if we are the bosses, we do not want the tax net to increase, we do not want to even pay the right zakat—we issue a “Shia” certificate to avoid that—but we still want Pakistan to prosper, but without our input.

We want Pakistan to be safe from suicide bombings, from terrorists. But we do not want to give up our hatred for the other sect or the other faith. We do not want to refrain from calling ourselves the’ rightly guided’ and others the ‘misguided’. We want Pakistan to be free from extremism, but not ourselves.

We detest Drone attacks, we hate Raymond Davis, we hate the way our politicians misuse their power. But we just blurt curses on them sitting in our living rooms –the Americans, the Indians, the politicians . We hate to come out on streets and display  the people’s might. If we do come out at all, at the coercion of some forces, we go berserk and end up burning cars, buses, gas stations . But we want our country to be peaceful , not ourselves.

We hate when Veena Malik goes and sells our izzat in the Indian channel. Our ghairat wakes up. We cry for the difference in ‘our’ culture and ‘their’ culture. But when it is time for the Indian soap on Starplus after 8 pm—we waste no time to switch it on, watch it day after day, not missing even a scene , what to talk of the an episode. If the light goes off, we want the cable operator to provide the CD for the missed episode. Yes we want Pakistan to represent our Pakistani culture, but we don’t.

What is this Pakistan, if it is not us.?

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace, one must believe it.
And it isn’t enough to to believe in it, one must work for it.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Yes indeed, not just for peace, even for a revolution and asking for a change, the ‘talk’ isn’t just enough, we need to first believe in it and must work for it.

And this talk, belief and action isn’t just the duty of the media, the starlets, the social activists or the leaders—but has to come from the common man.

And the change in the beliefs and actions must first come within oneself before we expect the common man next door to change his.

Revolution never comes by passing the buck to the other, it comes by working on it, oneself.

Probably, we are lucky! Really lucky.
For we really do not need any revolution of the kind that is spreading in the Middle East—we just need “an AWAKENING”.

Awakening from the delusion that some outside forces are behind our ills.

Awakening to the simple fact if we hate others, they will hate us even more.

Awakening from the dream that someone else will bring the change.

Awakening from the illusion that God will save us through some miracle.
God has in fact made himself amply clear in so many words in Quran:
الله انملايغيرمابقواحتىيغيرو  مابانفسهم
“Verily never will God change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (13:11).”

It is high time we wake up from the long sleep of bigotry, ignorance and apathy.

Let’s wake up now…

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