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KOI UMEED by Ali Zafar

Koi Ummeed Bar Nahin Aatee

koi ummeed bar naheen aatee
koee soorat nazar naheen aatee

No hope comes my way
No visage shows itself to me

ham wahaan hain jahaan se hamko bhee
kuchch hamaaree khabar naheen aatee

I am now at that point
That even I don’t know myself

jaanta hoon sawaab-e-taa’at-o-zahad
par tabeeyat idhar naheen aatee

Though I know the reward of religious devotion
My attention does not settle in that direction

kaaba’a kis munh se jaaoge ‘Ghalib’
sharm tumko magar naheen aatee

How will you face Mecca, Ghalib
When shame doesn’t come to you

maut ka ek din mu’ayyan hai
neehd kyon raat bhar naheeh aatee?

That death will come one day is definite
Then why does sleep evade me all night?

aage aatee thee haal-e-dil pe hansee
ab kisee baat par naheen aatee

I used to laugh at the state of my heart
Now no one thing brings a smile

hai kuchch ‘eisee hee baat jo chup hoon
warna kya baat kar naheen aatee?

It is for these reasons that I am quiet
If not, would I not converse with you?

kyon na cheekhoon ki yaad karate hain
Meri awaaz gar nahin aati.

Why should I not remember you?
Even if you cannot hear my lament

daagh-e-dil gar nazar naheen aata
boo bhee ‘ei chaaraagar ! naheen aatee

You don’t see the anguish in my heart
O healer, the scent of my pain eludes you

marte hain aarzoo mein marne ki
maut aatee hai par naheen aatee

I die in the hope of dying
Death arrives and then never arrives

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