Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…


Oh! from the land of the Pyramids
As you come  out en masse

To assert your true muscle
And with discipline and sanity
You bring pride to humanity
Tears of joy roll from our eyes
With a clear vision for tomorrow

Oh! from the land of Tutankhamun
As you all march in unison
Chanting slogans of freedom
Eraising  all the differences
Neither as Muslims, nor as Coptics
But as one and only Egyptian
Building bridges of unity
Goosebumps are raised
With a new morning for tomorrow

Oh! from the Land of Nefertiti
You send shivers in spines
Of the corridors of power
Force them to come out
With promises, undertakings
To dictate  or oppress no more
Our faces  glow with great pride
With the brightness from tomorrow.

Oh! from the land of Um Kulthum
As you sing into a loud chorus
Of the songs of liberation
And play the drums hard
Of utmost valor and courage
Our hearts throb for you
With the beats of tomorrow.

Oh! from the land of Nasser
As you stay under the open sky
For the sixth day in a row
And as leaders buy time
Dirty deals come into play
Black sheep get bought
By the shrewd hawks high up
And as our brains go numb
To the intense pain for tomorrow.

Oh! from the land of the Nile
As we see you bitterly divided
Its hard to watch you in chaos
Many hungry for the freedom
Others thirsty for your blood
The bright light turns off
Fully  blind go our eyes
Seeing the darkness for tomorrow

As a Heaven turns into a Hell
And our joys change into sorrow
I know not what to say
I know not what to expect
I know not what to envision
As I wait with impatience
Evry minute, every hour. each day
To witness events that unfold

Praying that’ SOME’ day
Sanity shall prevail
Order be restored
Freedom be the rule
Democracy be the outcome
And I pray again that,
That SOME day comes VERY SOON.

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