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Used in the Name of Love !

Yesterday I was in the office when the receptionist informed me that there is a lady calling from Lahore and she is saying that she knows me from Saudi Arabia. I took her call and she turned out to be one of my nurses when I worked in the Saudi National Guards, Jeddah. She hadn’t been in touch since I left the place in 2008.
But somehow she heard of Fasih’s passing so she searched for me and it lead her to Taj’s phone number. I had always been close to my nursing staff who in Saudia were multinational. So also knew our family by references.
She expressed her deep condolences and said she was shaken and is still not able to believe it. I asked her how was she, her husband and the three boys doing? They must be grown up now?
She replied, “Dr. Ilmana i went through hell in past few years and am now in Lahore. But its okay. I will share my story some other time. Yours is still more tragic than mine.”
But then as it happens, after a few minutes she began to reveal her story.
She told that she had fallen very sick 3 years ago while still working in Jeddah. And barely survived.
But was so weak that she decided to quit her job and come to Lahore where all her 3 boys were now in University.
Her husband didn’t like it and told her, “Dont go. I cannot live without you.”
She said she was such an idiot that she thought he wanted her to be with him. And told him to make a trip to Lahore to settle the boys. He came to Lahore for 15 days.
In the meantime her resignation period got completed and she started living at home. When her husband returned, he was shocked that she had left her job.
He asked her “why did you leave the job?”
She said, “Because I am tired to working. I am unwell now. But since you dont want me to go to live with our children, I will live here and travel back and forth.”
He got more furious, “So now you will depend on me financially?”
And he gave her a divorce-Talaq, talaq, talaq.
She cried but he said, by staying here meant working here. Otherwise he will have nothing to do with her.
So a week later she came back to Lahore to her sons. All the savings that they had done as a couple via a joint account and investment in land etc were in his name, and he refused to give a penny.
Her gratuity from her job in National Guard also came in their joint account. So she was deprived of that too.

Now since 3 years she is living with her sons, and the father is not even paying for their education. And he sends her vicious messages whenever the boys try to call him to ask for financial help. They are working and studying themselves.

I was shocked to hear her story. I told her that her story was more tragic than mine. I have the pain of a loss, but I do not have the hurt of betrayal both emotional and material.
She agreed it feels as if in her past 22 years of married life, she was in a fraudulent relationship tied to her income.

The images of this nurse and her kids have been haunting my head since yesterday.

What a pathetic world we live in… Is money everything for some people?

Addendum: Just found this appropriate quote related to the story.

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