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Ubuntu ~ I am because we are.

This is also a first time thing after Fasih’s passing.
I was the one who got the phone call of Fatima’s COVID positive and it seemed as the broken pieces of my world which I had painstakingly gathered after Fasih, were falling apart once again.
I absorbed the shock, took a deep breath and then walked over to Fatima feigning as if I was an iron woman, and told her,
“Your test is positive. My baby you don’t have to worry, we are all surrounded by doctors and reside over a hospital. You will brave through this.”
Nevertheless, as we all decided to isolate in our respective rooms, I missed Fasih dearly, for not being around to share the anxiety and nag him with silly rants like,
“Babloo I am so scared. I hope she will have mild symptoms only. Please tell me she will be okay.”
I even missed more getting back the reassuring reply, “Don’t worry, be strong. She will be fine InshaAllah.”
I messaged Fasih on his messenger, asking him, “Wherever you are Babloo, please pray for our girls.”
We are truly blessed to have the unflinching support of Abdullah’s parents.
Not only do they call their daughter in law, and grand daughter, every few hours, they continually call on me to be sure I am being strong.
After every word of gratitude to them, they remind me, “Bhabi we are one family. You needn’t be thankful.”
The sense of shared care is one of the most empowering and reassuring feelings on can experience.
I cannot also thank enough all the friends and family who called, messaged and expressed their duas for Fatima and Rahma.
We all are what we are because of the circle of care that surrounds us.
The Zulu phrase Ubuntu says it all in 5 small words: “I am because we are.”

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  1. Very touching.
    Your brother.

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