Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Disclaimer: This is a piece of fiction written by Ilmana Fasih. Any resemblance to any part of the story or character are purely coincidental !

A wife tested COVID positive and developed severe symptoms.
Her husband felt bad that he hadn’t really been very kind to her, had always been fighting with her, forgot their anniversaries, her birthdays etc.
He thought, “What if she dies? I will live all my life in guilt for not having cared enough for her.”
He asked her, “Make a wish darling, and I will fulfill it.”
Wife; “Really? Anything.?
Husband: “Yes anything. Just say it. And it will be done.”
Wife: “Can you buy me a 2 Carat Diamond Solitaire ring?”
Husband was perplexed. That would be hell of an expensive gift.
But he thought this was the best and most likely the last moment to prove he cared.
He sold off his car and got her a $ 25,000 Two Carat Diamond Solitaire ring.
“Darling, here is your present.” As he passed on the bag following 2 meters social distancing dictat.
Wife excitedly removed her oxygen mask, powdered her face a little, put on a red lipstick and draped herself with a beige shawl with red border.
She then slid the ring on her left ring finger and told him to take a picture with her posed with the hand placed on her chin with the giant 2 carat diamond sparkling distinctly.
After the picture was taken she told him, ‘I will put this picture on Instagram with hashtags #NoOccaisionGift, #Surprise#TwoCaratSolitaire, #GiftFromMyLove and tell the world how awesome and caring my husband has been.”
And then she put the ring back in the box and told her husband, “Darling please return back the ring to the shop. I don’t want to die with guilt that I made you spend so much money before my death, just for nothing. But honey please let this remain a secret between us.
Husband replied with utmost affection,My love, money doesn’t matter. I got this gift for you. But you know I love you so will respect your wish and do as you say.”
The husband gladly took it back to the shop saying his wife did not like the ring. And he took the money back and repurchased his car.
He felt accomplished that at least once he was a good husband, and that will be the last image world will have of him if and when she dies.
“How clever am I”, he thought of himself.
And the wife, as her temperature rose, her oxygen saturation went down from 98 to 96 to 92 to 88 to 80 and so on, she coughed with contentment, “At least I will die peacefully now. This wretched man will not take any long to remarry. And then the new witch will demand where is the 2 carat solitaire ring that I was wearing in my last days, will endlessly search for the ring and they will fight on it for rest of their lives. And my soul will truly rest in peace.”

And guess what, she recovered and they continued to fight with each other for rest of their lives. 😀

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