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Rahma’s Letter to Nana

Dear Nana,
I hope you are watching me grow as you would have wanted me to: active, healthy and always happy (other than when I’m teething). I missed you on my birthday in person, but Baba & Mama kept telling me that you’re here. They also keep telling me that you’re watching me when I make a mess on my highchair and also when I wake up in the middle of the night fresh as a cucumber. I hope they’re right.
I also hear that you used to tell little kids that you are a doctor with injections ready in your pockets, but I know you wouldn’t have used that on me, because you would have spoiled me silly!
My Nani and Maamu are in Karachi with you now.

Please do care for them, until I come. Then we can make them sleepless and tired together – because like you, I don’t like to rest for a second!

With love and cuddles from your granddaughter,


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