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September 23, first day at Taj Consultants Clinics was a fulfilling day relatively. After ages. Had almost forgotten what did it mean to not feel miserable.
Had a close interaction with the most amiable staff of Taj Consultants Clinics and spent the entire day with them. Such an amazing and caring team of young men and women. We met as if meeting after a long arduous separation, sharing our experiences of the interim period between Fasih’s going and my arrival day before. Almost everyone of them said, they felt lost, directionless and the workplace looked desolate just by the absence of one person- who actually was the mover & shaker of the whole organization. They wouldn’t even let me get up and get a glass of water for myself from the water dispenser or even pull a chair. What pampering ! Taj is blessed with a wonderful team of competent consultants too, some of whom especially are an epitome of class and grace. Met a few of them, and they were all extremely appreciative of our team. As said one, “Madam, the team Dr. Fasih nurtured here is nothing like anything found anywhere in Pakistan. They have risen to the needs and challenges in your absence very well.” These words were music to my ears. I am sure Fasih must have rejoiced up there too, hearing this. Another said, “Dr Ilmana what pill have you prescribed to your team. For every matter, they would tell us, “We will first consult our Madam.” The journey is no less a challenge still. Covid and Fasih’s loss has been a huge set back. But we have learned lessons and tested new normal of video-consultations too for a select group of tech savvy consultants. A lot is to be done, in months to come. Sometimes, I shudder with fear that the onus now lies on my shoulders alone. Fasih has conveniently slipped out of the picture. Kids have been supportive, but they will have their own lives to go back to. Anyways, time will tell. Coming back, yes the first full day at Taj gave me a purpose in life. Its a 5 year old child that needs to be raised with care and caution, protecting it from the general air of non-professionalism and ad-hocism around. For all those who endured my sobs and wails, and prayed for me endlessly, take comfort that I am partly at peace. But not sure how long will this last, till another wave of wailing returns. I still donot have the guts to meet Fasih’s patients who have been asking staff to inform them when I arrive. Some of them have visited him in the graveyard too and cry when in the clinic, I am told. Will visit Fasih again today and update him about his exemplary staff and how they miss him. Hope I stay calm and composed and behave with him. #KarachiDiary

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  1. What a monument, and what a view for. First day of taj

  2. Taj Karachi wala,ya India wala

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