Open up your mind and your potential reaches infinity…

Another Friday.
Its been 3 months now. Visited you my dear Fasih at the same time you bid goodbye to this world at 1:30PM.
It was scorching sun over our heads. And you were deep asleep.

I am sure your spirit dwells comfortably in an exalted happy place where cool breeze caresses your hairlocks, where the incense of motia far more pure than the ones at your bedside, flirts with your senses, where your soft feet are cuddled by velvet lawns devoid of plastic garbage bags littered all over, where rain drops bring ticklish delight instead of distress and where there is no load shedding that leaves you awake, lonely and anxious in the wee hours of night.
And where you are having a party time with your Papa, Amma, extended family and friends like Dr. Mahmood, Dr. Furqan and other near and dear ones, sitting beside the soothing stream of mature wine, beneath the shade of tender grapevines.

And perhaps a lot lot more tranquility and eternal bliss, beyond our trivial imaginations.

The painting below by some unknown painter is called, “First moments in Heaven”.


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