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Papa and Ismail- 2

“My son my son.” As I call him inspired by Tom & Jerry.

Ismail (visibly upset): Ammi.
Me: Yes
Him: Did u read that email from the CA?
Me: Yes. Kya huwa?
Him: He wrote, “Dr. Fasih’s widow”.
Me: So? Him: It doesnt feel nice.
Me: Its okay. We have to face the reality.
Him: Could he not have used some other word?
Me: You mean Dr. Fasih’s friend, Dr. Fasih’s fiancee, Dr. Fasih’s wife? But I have already graduated from those statuses. See?
Him: Pagal.
Me: Kya bola. Him;
Pagal hain aap.
Me: Chalo, give me a hug.

We hug each other. Hugs have been his ultimate first aid since a baby. Whenever he fell or injured himself he would run to me,
“Ammi Cho Lag gayee.”
I would kiss the “cho” area and give him a bear hug and all will heal instantly and he will run away playing.

My boys !

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