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There is good news !
50 Women anthology( The 50 Women Project) that includes among 50 stories, the story of Syed Fasihuddin and I and our life as an Indian Pakistani couple, Fasihs passion to go back to do ‘good’ work in Pakistan and our journey of building our dream Taj Consultants Clinics without a penny of bribes and without any shortcuts, wins the 2020 Evergreen Medal for World Peace for Positive Global Change. Thank you to the author Jessica Buchleitner for including our story in the anthology as represention from Pakistan. If only Fasih was there to celebrate with us. 🙁 I am sure he is watching us with happiness and contentment. Jessica writes: “My dear books, the 50 Women anthology series, are officially a 2020 Evergreen Medal for World Peace recipient in the Independent Publisher Living Now Book Awards! Honored for us all to stand beside other great recipients from previous years like #nobelprize awardee Desmond Tutu and Pro Voice warrior Aspen Baker. 50 Women anthology series chronicles world history through first-person accounts told by 50 women from 30 countries. They discuss navigating and overcoming political, cultural, and societal issues, armed conflict, gender-based violence, immigration, health afflictions, and business challenges. Congratulations to these 50 warriors of light who shared their personal stories to raise humanity and inspire! We’ve held powerful stages at the United Nations (for 9 years!), the Commonwealth Club of California, and others over the years to influence global gender equality policy. We continue to raise humanity through narratives.”

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